Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Do Guys Sweat So Much: Personal Fashion

Images by Ben Taylor [How insane are these images!!]

Dress + Jacket: SUNO; Shoes: Moonspoon; Black and White skull shirt: Roommate Giveaway; Razor Necklace: Bosquejo

Excuse me, but did I just pull off a freaking Mohawk on my own? Yes I did! I finally found a hair product that actually works and I did this on my own. I am afraid now that I know how to pull this monstrosity off, my friends might have to deal with me actually wearing a pink mohawk in real life. The 2 peace pins on the sides included. I kid you not!

You know I love color. When it comes to color, I mostly feel like more is more. I wore this exact outfit [sans mohawk] on NYE. This is what I call my party wear ;-). I cannot and will not dress myself in a tight fitted bandage halter neck mini dress ever. It's such a cliche of sexy, it bores me to death to even think about it.

Have to be blown away by this location right? It's a nightclub/ art gallery that I did a post on sometime ago called W.i.P in Soho. The craziness of the art is reason enough to go check out this insane club. Thanks again Ron for letting us use the space to create our own art.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

DSM Interview on Guest of a Press

Was recently interviewed by Barbara of after being listed as one of the 11 fashionable bloggers of NYC by them in November, 2011.

Click Here to read the entire interview. Yipeee!! :)

Thank you so much lovely Barbara!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arm Candy :

Here is a link to a recent post I did for Vogue India on dressing up for wrists. Check it out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dolce My Gabbana: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Pants: D&G, Shoes: Steve Madden; Everything else : Forever21

I totally spaced out this incredible woman I spotted last season at NYFW. Loved her style from head to toe. I cannot get over the renaissance print on those D&G pants!! And what a cool way to mix the print with colored shoes and clutch plus the black lipstick for the punk-rock look. Utter love!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

May the Gods Be With You. Period.

Disclaimer: This post is more of an art project than a fashion project and my apologies for the length of it too. Did not feel like editing more, as it felt important to include all of this to make a point.

Photographer: Alison Wynn
Editing by: Prutha Raithatha

First I have to say that I didn't want to write anything at all for this post and have you guys make your own interpretations. But I feel so strongly about this topic that I decided to spell it out just incase some people missed the point. So here goes.

There is a large part of the world culture that treats women like untouchables when they have their menstrual cycle. Hindus especially. A woman is not allowed to take part in any kind of religious ceremonies for the first four days of her menstrual cycle. She can’t go to temple, do poojas, touch any idols of God or even a picture of any God and some take it as far as disallowing the woman from entering the kitchen. In a nutshell, she is ostracized. So much so that she is made to feel like a sinner if she goes against such beliefs. It is sad that even in today’s much more educated and highly technologically advanced age, this superstition just won’t die. People as liberal as my own mother will not understand that this is a ridiculous superstition to follow even after her daughters have tried time and again to explain the (ill) logic behind it.

In the olden days it had become an unspoken norm amongst society because the basic rural lifestyle required more physical strain than today as women did physical work like fetching water from the wells, cleaning the house, cooking, helping in the fields, etc. And with no painkillers or sanitary pads / tampons, this practice made perfect sense, both from the point of view of allowing the women some down time to rest, as well as from a hygiene point of view. But now times have changed and we have no reason to keep following this ritual. Yet we do. I know a huge population of people my own age and younger who blindly follow this and believe and promote it. It embarrasses me to know how many people I grew up with back home will not use their brains to stop following such superstitions of the fear of having to battle their moms and aunts, or they believe that God will punish them if they do.

The trick is to just ignore. You don’t have to announce that you have your period to the world and just do your thing. If you’re reluctant about inviting God’s wrath if you don’t follow this superstition, I can attest to you in full guarantee that I have broken this rule all my life and my life has turned out to be A-OK!! God did not punish me. People’s homes were not any more polluted than they were before I went to their places for poojas [prayer services] during my menstrual cycle and when asked if I did have my period on such occasions, yes I have lied through my teeth and felt no fucking remorse for doing so. Infact I always felt myself laughing at them in my mind. Anyway the point is that my life turned out to be just fine, infact spectacular!

So please, can we really stop this stupidity now! It just seems too fucking ridiculous to accept that this still exists. I know how strong the pressures of Indian society are and I know it’s not easy, I swear I do. But for God’s sake try. And if you don’t have the balls to stand up against this just make a pledge right now to not ever pass it on to your daughters. This goes to all the men too!! You guys are equal party to this nonsense by never standing up for your wives against your moms. Atleast try to protect the women around you from the world that will give them the evil eye for not following such blind faith, but if you can’t, just your approval will be enough for them to know that they are not doing anything wrong. I am sure once they understand that their spouse/ father has their back, they will fight their own battles and win easily.

Notes: Thank you Alison soo soo much for taking such fantastic pictures for my project. Thanks Wayne for the incredible abandoned elementary school location! And thank you all, whoever reads my blog. I don’t want to live a life of non-existence. I want to make a difference in the world even if it is in some small form. This I am hoping is a small form. Each image here speaks volumes to me. It has immense capacity for dialogue. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strapped In: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

I have been contemplating for over a year now to get myself a Zana Bayne leather harness but just haven't had the money to go get one. But this lady's harness is soo much cooler in its shape and form and how it almost looks like part of the dress. This entire outfit is something I wanted to snatch off of this lady [who btw was the sweetest thing on this planet!!!] ofcourse red pony hair bag included. I ADORE this entire look!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Press

Guess who got spotted right out of bed on the street ;-)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stay Away From Me You CAT: Personal Fashion

Images by Alison Wynn

Dress: Factory; Shoes: Sam Edelman

I have been itching to do a more creative and artsy shoot but for the past couple of weekends it's been a bit crazy. This weekend I fell sick because of my cat allergies again and couldn't execute a more elaborate/ artsy project. But I did get this dress in the mail just yesterday and was excited to shoot it. Also I had completely forgotten about my Sam Edelman boots this winter so it was nice to bring them out finally. This is what happens when I try to separate my winter shoes from the summer, I forget to open the stashed away shoe boxes when the season finally arrives.

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!!

PS: Thanks Alison for the fab images! xo


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