Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Do Guys Sweat So Much: Personal Fashion

Images by Ben Taylor [How insane are these images!!]

Dress + Jacket: SUNO; Shoes: Moonspoon; Black and White skull shirt: Roommate Giveaway; Razor Necklace: Bosquejo

Excuse me, but did I just pull off a freaking Mohawk on my own? Yes I did! I finally found a hair product that actually works and I did this on my own. I am afraid now that I know how to pull this monstrosity off, my friends might have to deal with me actually wearing a pink mohawk in real life. The 2 peace pins on the sides included. I kid you not!

You know I love color. When it comes to color, I mostly feel like more is more. I wore this exact outfit [sans mohawk] on NYE. This is what I call my party wear ;-). I cannot and will not dress myself in a tight fitted bandage halter neck mini dress ever. It's such a cliche of sexy, it bores me to death to even think about it.

Have to be blown away by this location right? It's a nightclub/ art gallery that I did a post on sometime ago called W.i.P in Soho. The craziness of the art is reason enough to go check out this insane club. Thanks again Ron for letting us use the space to create our own art.


  1. your shoes .... are just amazing!!!!!

  2. My favorite look till date. Super hawt Prutha!

  3. Epiphany for this post - WOW i really do like colors ;)

  4. Oh. My. God. You're such a rockstar, girl! \m/

  5. Love the Shots...You're very welcome come any time...

  6. Whoa! What a crazy series.

    And props on the mohawk! It looks super awesome :)

  7. Full of energy and colorfull....crazy you but 100% original.
    Love it!!!!

  8. colorful post and colorful you...totally love them <3


  9. I love love love this shoot.

    1. Joe!! good to hear from you. How you doing?
      thanks for loving the shoot :)


  10. Your hair is freaking awesome. Love the photos with the cabbage patch kid doll!

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  11. I love those pic they are so creative!



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