Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Locksmith: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

I spotted Vincent Barile at the Titania Inglis show [who specializes in edgy eco-fashion] and sitting across from me I couldn't not take a picture of this cutie. Am obsessed with his matchbox print short and his door hardware necktie-necklace which he designed with his business partner Dana Hurwitz and can be found here. I actually spotted Dana too on a separate day at Lincoln Center unknowingly and since she had great style too, I had to stop her for pictures as well. But unfortunately like all the stupidest things that apparently happen only to me, I lost her images in cyber space somewhere! So for now you guys just have to believe me when I say, she was gorgeous and had great style. And I can't wait to see what this duo comes up with in the future with their jewelry line.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Architectural Fashion: NYFW Fall 2012

Here is a cool post I did for Vogue.In after attending NYFW on their behalf. Check it out.

Here is my NYFW Street Fashion post for

I will post the entire stories here later sometime. No time right now. I have to write more stories about NYFW for because every season I come back with soo much material and don't get the time to write everything up and have 90% of my maretial go waste. I am trying to do better this season. Hope it works :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Muse: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Every season at fashion week you see the same people over and over again with a few newbies added into the mix. This season this girl with her beautiful quirk was the best addition in my books. I hope to see her around more. I really like her style.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hanne Gaby Odiele: Street Fashion

Image by Prutha Raithatha

I think I am going to make a tradition out of taking Hanne Gaby's picture outside Prabal Gurung's show each season. Here is the one from last season. She is one of the most fierce bad girls on the runway today and I think her unconventional look is her best trait. BTW, the eye makeup is from the Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 show that she had just walked in and it was one of the best eye makeup for the season. Second on the list is definitely Falguni and Shane Peacock's. Will show pictures soon.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Am at NYFW : Follow me on Twitter for Updates

Yesterday was the first day at NYFW and I have to say it has been extremely exciting!

Shows attended:
Richard Chai
Titania Inglis
Kimberly Ovitz
Costella Tagliapietra
Nicholas Kirkwood event

I have to say, each show I went to was better than the last! I can't wait to share some insane images with you guys! In the meanwhile do check out my Twitter for live updates on people in the front row, designers, shows and all the crazy. It's been great! I love you guys! xo

Since I have been raving about the Libertine show so much on FB and twitter, here is a quick end of show video I did to give you a glimpse. All the tiny round things on the model's jackets and dresses are sequin!! The shoes too!! Happy clothes!! I loved them!

Untitled from Prutha Raithatha on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

18.91°N, 72.82°E : Personal Fashion

Images by Wayne Liu

Parachute Dress/ Quartz Necklace: All Saints; Shoes: Moonspoon Salon

18.91°N, 72.82°E is where I come from. The birthplace and home. Wish I had a personal multicolored, embellished hot air balloon designed by Manish Arora I could use to get home whenever I pleased. Ofcourse the ride would be a couple of days and I would have to stop several times along the way. But only to discover musical wonderlands on mountain tops, underground tunnels where they sell ice cream made of pure nutella which glows in the dark, even in my tummy after I have eaten it and happy people who spend all of their waking hours creating art and nothing else. The destination would be the ultimate prize. In the arms of my adorable nephews and a big side hug from my Pappa. He is Indian after all. He doesn't believe in a full frontal hug. That's just perverse. But I know he loves me. I really do. It's the most beautiful journey one could make and I believe I could make it someday. Until then, I hang from this 4th floor scaffolding outside this building and pretend to be on top of the world. It's pretty from up here too at 41°8′44″N, 73°59′42″W.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Refinery29 's next Style Blogger contest: Vote for Me pls?

You know I never ask you guys to do any of this voting business and all ever right? But this time I was to participate cause I want the internship it offers as a prize! Won't you please click on the link below the image and vote for me if you like me :). It's for Refinery29 's next Style Blogger contest.


Thank you Very Munch!! ;-)


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