Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Shoot Me: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Shoes: Martin Margiela; Socks: Louis Vuitton; Jeans/ Necklace/ Watch: Diesel; Tee: Calvin Klein; Ring: Soul+ Fetish, Milan

If only someone paid me to do street fashion as a profession, I would quit my day job this very instant. It’s beautiful cute boys like Victor [Who is a model FYI] that totally make my day/ month/ year/ decade. How HOT IS HOT!!!

Ok, this is very hard for me, but I am going to try to not think about how hawt he is for 1 min and talk about his simple yet chic look. First, you can never go wrong with blue jeans and a white tee. But I love the red shoes and beanie as accents. And the edgy accessories with the wide leather belt watch are perfect to spice up this cool look. And a crooked sexy smile to go with it, goes a long way ;-)
Life is good isn’t it?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Forms and Shapes: Personal Fashion

Harem Pants: Topshop ; Top/ Necklace: H&M ; Shoes: Nine West 

With every passing day I realize more and more that fashion for me is quite therapeutic. All my downs can be converted into ups by simple retail therapy as first option but if that’s not possible, just fashion intake in any form. I remember while growing up, whenever I would stay up the entire night studying right before my exams, if at around 3 am, I was really bored of studying or very sleepy, I would get up and go to the mirror and put on some really creative makeup. I would spend 15 mins experimenting, get really really freaking happy that I looked pretty at 3am [still in my pjs] and once satisfied by my makeup achievement, I would go back to studying with my makeup on. See what I mean by fashion in any form is therapeutic. The only down side of it was the minor heart attack my father would have every time he entered my room at 4.30 am to check on me in his sleep….lol… poor pappa!

I had the best weekend with an old friend…didn’t even need makeup to brighten up my day  !!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ricky's : Street Fashion

Images By Mariam Mamaji
Outer Shirt/ Pants: Rick Owens; Inner shirt: Julius; Glasses: Cutler And Gross; Ring: Workstead; Bag: Augusta; Shoes: Converse
Rick Owens is ofcourse one of my favorites designers. Although I still don’t own anything of his [due to obvious reasons…cha ching!!.] but I love it when I spot it on others on the street.  Josh is sporting a Rick Owens’ long outer shirt and pants. I love the male harem pant look which Josh has styled perfectly with the big leather bag, the converses and cool hair styling. Over all a very artistic look I would say.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wanna Play?: Street Fashion

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Romper: Urban Outfitters; Belt/ Ring: Ebay ; Bag: Diesel; Shoes: Rouge; Badminton Necklace: Flea Market

It’s seldom that you see a sight like her on a Sunday morning at 10 am. But we did. And it totally made my day!!

Ting Ting’s romper is the cutest spring/summer find and she couldn’t have accessorized it better. That belt is beyond divine and I want it want it want it!!  The badminton racket necklace is complete inspiration. Love the entire outfit but also think that she does a fab job with her eye makeup. I have been trying really hard to get my eye makeup to look like hers but every time I try I end up looking like Amy Winehouse on crack…wait what?.. I meant like Amy Winehouse …lol…

Ting Ting is a graphic Designer for an apparel company.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

All Saints: Personal Fashion

Dress/ Boots: Allsaints Spitafield; Leather Cuff: Mango; Studded Leather cuff: Party City for Halloween [lol]

I wish I was all saints, but there is a devil in me that’s just too darn evident. Anything that says “I’m different” I have to have. With very rapidly dwindling bank balance I still went and splurged on this Allsaints ensemble. Of course the gods get some major sadistic pleasure in having them open up their first store in NYC right below my apartment building. I couldn’t help it, the store is magic and it just pulled me in!!

Remember how I’ve told you before that I love leather that looks old/ worn out/ vintage. Well I found my dream boots in the store. I love the color, which is black leather with hints of brown to give it the vintage look. They are just fantastic and I love wearing them with a few straps open. And the dress!!!! It’s my summer white find. It’s asymmetrical, confusing, weird yet feminine. Sooo pretty!!! So many times I wish I had an afro. Would have been sooo perfect with this look!

This weekend went by at a million mph!! But I got to sleep for more than 8 hours on Sunday morning. Everybody say Yeahhh!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sweetest Thing: Street Fashion

Images By Shraddha Borawake

Shirt Dress and Belt: Gucci; Shoes: Does not know; Bag: Prada; Watch: Rolex; Glasses: Ralph Lauren 

To one of the cutest, sweetest people we have met on the streets so far. Christine is a model who is honestly fun and totally down to earth. She was as excited about being clicked, as S and I were to click her. Really really sweet.

And can you get over how good her skin is? It was glowing literately and she was without much or no makeup at all. Totally loving her style from head to toe.  The skull necklace is just apt to spice up the sweet outfit.

On a totally non related subject, I finally figured out how to get my pictures to be big on the blog!!!!! Its like rocket science to me and thanks to a fellow blogger SuzieM, I finally know how to do it!! Loving life!! Thanks Suzie!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Picture Within a Picture: Street Fashion

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Look closely at the print on Leah’s Tee. Isn’t that cool. It’s like the exact replica of what we were doing at that exact moment [taking a picture of her]. If you don’t get it, it’s ok. I guess you just had to be there.
Love the simplicity of this comfortable outfit. Jeans and a graphic tee with some fab boots. The boots are Italian and
photo-silkscreened with an image of a worn boot. And don’t you think that the painting behind Leah actually looks like her?

Leah Durner is an artist herself and you can check out some of her fab works on her website at

Was fun meeting you Leah. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drive By: Personal Fashion

Images By Shraddha Borawake

Dress: Zara ; Crystal Necklace: J.Crew ; Sandals: NineWest; Hat: Kelly Christy 

Changing seasons are the best part about life. Sometimes I feel like just cause a season changes a chapter of our lives gets over and we move on to the next one. Its true, I believe. Here’s to brighter, sunnier, happier seasons!! I love the summer!!

Amongst the entire outfit in today’s post I have to talk about the hat. That headpiece designed and made by Kelly Christy is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Its called  "Road to Spender" and used to be displayed in the Cooper Hewitt Museum for a while as an art piece. And was then graciously lent to me   for this shoot. This piece is so unique in it’s quirkiness of having a road and  a car and a driveway lined with trees that to my architect mind it cannot be more perfect. Thanks again Kelly for loaning this incredible piece to me. 


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