Monday, May 31, 2010

Blown Away: Personal Fashion

Images By: Renuka Sawhney

Dress: Zara; Shoes: Patrizia Pepe Firenze; Scarf: Goa, India; Bag: Pylones 

This post is called blown away cause when we took these pictures; it was undeniably the windiest day of the year. I promise. My friend Renuka and I were wandering about and decided to go to the Highland [which is an elevated park next to the Hudson River] to take some pictures. We took atleast a hundred in order to get 5 right shots. Lol.. I am not exaggerating. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun.

Bought this khaki Lenin dress from Zara and its so super comfy for the summer. Love mixing it up with some scarfs, this one being one of favorites because of the color. And yes, the bag is purely for the humor. It always gets me more than a few looks in the subway whenever I am carrying it around.. hehe…and that entertains me beyond belief. Totally worth the investment.

I went to Boston for the long weekend and had a great time!! Really needed the break. Hope all you pretty people out there had an equally eventful weekend :)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Husdon River Pageant: Street Fashion






Images by: Prutha Raithatha

Moral of the Story: Be Green Yo!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Husdon River Pageant: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Walking around on a lazy Saturday, without a shower and in an outfit, which looked very similar to my pj’s, I was totally surprised to bump into what seemed to be a Halloween parade in spring time. Thank god I had my camera.

These costumes were for the Hudson River Pageant as part of their Earth Celebrations. It is a costume pageant where people dress in all sorts Hudson River related plant and animal species, renewable energy, etc. Basically a community exercise in spreading ecological awareness about Hudson River and Climate Change.  

Will post more pictures of other interesting costume one at a time. For now enjoy the recycle bottle fairy J

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wanna trade in Gold? : Personal Fashion

Romper: RACHAEL Rachael Roy; Sandals: Steve Madden; Purse: Bea Accessories; Owl Ring: Lucky Brand

Had the craziest weekend ever. Party time!! Have I told you guys before that I love my life? I do. I really do!! With all its extreme ups and downs, the whole package, I love it!!

Let me introduce you to another one of my fabulous Indian purses. This one is by Bea Accessories I bought from this place called Aza in Mumbai. Love the gold jute and elaborate metal handle. Its quite a statement piece and hence part of my permanent collection [which means I intend to hand it down to my grand kids …lol]. I am also obsessed with harem pants and rompers and when I find both in one, guess where I am? In Heaven!!

I found these sexy strappy sandals in the sale rack of Steve Madden about 4 years ago and couldn’t believe my luck. They were the only pair and were in my size and for only $40 or something ridiculous like that!! I wear them seldom so I can preserve them for longer…hehe… I actually do that with everything I love in my closet [which is like half of it atleast…lol]. And look what I would at some random jewelry store in midtown? An antique looking gold coin necklace. Divine I say!!

Besides that I am still grooving to the tunes of this fabulous band that played on my rooftop this weekend. 


Friday, May 21, 2010

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons: Street Fashion

Everyone in this entire world has their own unique ideas and when you spot someone that gets yours, it’s sort of amazing. Although I would not like it if everyone got all of my ideas cause then it would be boring right? So the goal is to be unique enough to have a few understand it and even fewer to actually have the guts to implement it. Today’s post is on someone who I feel gets this. Hence the major gyan [knowledge] transfer as the intro to the post…lol

Elizabeth Spiridakis is a fellow fashion blogger with a totally unique style that I adore. Its pretty and grungy at the same time. The red Dr. Martens with the blue girly dress is great. I love it when people don’t match everything they are wearing.  Normally others would have worn some pretty sandals with this dress, but she opted for boots and that too off color. That’s the way to do it!!

Check out her pretty blog here.

FYI, I am in love with her ring!!! I want, I want, I want, I want!!!!! [Do check out the website of Blacksheep & Prodigal Sons... I love their stuff!!! ]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MulMul: Emerging Designer Check

Images from the MulMul website
Just spotted this amazing new designer that I thought I must share with you guys. Have you seen anything more delicate and soft yet bold and sexier than this?
I am particularly in love with the feaya dress [image 1]. I really really want it. I can see myself wearing it out on a Sunday morning, with some loafers, some cool long silver necklaces and maybe a turban hat [like I love to do]. Could even wear it with the ruffle shorts [image 2] underneath it. Awee… It’s such a divine collection of comfortable sexy!!

Check out the entire collection at MulMul

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dusty Buttons: Personal Fashion

Dress: 1970’s Vintage from Dusty Buttons; Shoes: Steve; Hat Bag: Daffy’s; Butterfly Ring: Costume Jewelry from random shop in NYC.

If I haven’t already flaunted my obsession for vintage with all the street vintage styles we’ve spotted so far, let this post make it clear. I just love the idea of dressing from a different period for fun. This 1970’s dress is one of my obsessions. S and I were street fashion hunting one day when we walked past this vintage store called “Dusty Buttons” [isn’t that the most perfect name for a store like that?]. I fell in love with the dress and the rest is history..hehe… [Get it??.. coz the dress is from the 1970’s and hence history? …Sometimes I just crack myself…pls ignore me..]

And when I am wearing something this different I try to keep my accessories to the minimum. One big cocktail ring to add that glitter to the simple matte outfit is enough. The rest are just accomplices playing the part.
Did you guys have a happy weekend?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Can’t get Enough of You Baby: Street Fashion

Dress: Loemann’s; Belt: Found; Glasses: Bodega in West Village

I know checkered dresses are totally in this summer, but I am pretty sure Kate picked out this dress just cause its totally her.  When we spotted her in prospect park she was standing around with a bunch of friends [musicians mostly] just hanging out.  And all of them looked like a bunch of people with a very strong individual sense of style. A little hipster and a lot cooler.

I totally love this outfit on her. The simple black belt with the fabulous sunglasses makes her look like she’s just out of a 1970’s movie. And since she is an actress she could very well be driving a Cadillac convertible with a scarf around her hair and neck somewhere in California and fit the part. And that smile is infectious I must say. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oye, Where did Spring Go?

Are we back to winter again? The weather men lie!! It’s raining and cold and I’m in my winter gear again. Wtf!!

Well atleast we spotted someone to brighten up our day. I am wondering what kind of a look this could be classified as? Male Boho? If yes, I think it’s a rare find. Before we spotted this guy, I really hadn’t thought about what a Bohemian look for guys would contain. Well maybe this is it.

 Anyhow, I love that jacket. The colors and the design have that vintage look which always gets me.  And I like the moustache and the beard on him. What say you?


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