Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michael Kors backstage and Front Rows: NYFW 2012,

Love that messy double braid

Actor Michael Douglas

Rachel Zoe with hubby Roger

Actress Zoe Saldana

Catherine Roitfeld. Have you heard already about her coming out with her own Fashion Magazine next year? I should have asked her for a job while I was talking to her!!

Nina Gracia

All images by Prutha Raithatha

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gold Sold: Personal Fashion

Images by NURBS

Shorts, Purple top, Leopard Wedges: TopShop; Sweater: Zara; Gold kicks: Irregular Choices

I am obsessed with this sweater. It looks like an old grandmom sweater and that is why I can't seem to stop wearing it. The shorts and top are a cool blinged out combination. And you know me. To me, more is more [I shall tone it down and be subtle when I am old...mayyyybee]. The gold kicks are my newest most favorite possession ever. I have been wearing them nonstop too. At first I was kinda reluctant to wear them to my very conservative architecture/ real estate firm, but then I realized that my co-workers would have gotten used to me by now [with my red hair and other daily fashion shocks]. So I did it. I wore them to work :). Most people liked them, the others were sweet enough to say "they are totally you". I really appreciate that, I have to say. A million people don't get us but if they just let us be who we are without judgement or snarky comments, the world will be a better place.

Bumped into Subi Roberto, a cool miami artist, at the shoot who also had an Indian nose ring in her hotel room [the location is the front garden of a hotel in soho where she was put up] and while NURBS and I where shooting, ran up stairs and joined us in the end of our shoot for a quick nath [nose ring] photo. I love people who get excited about creativity.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feather Head: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Top: Opening Ceremony; Skirt: DIY; Feather Head gear: Made by a Friend.

While a whole group of street fashion photographers flocked towards someone really famous walking out of the tents, I found myself running in the complete opposite direction chasing after Neon Hitch. All I could see were her feathers and I had to have that documented. I love the back of that bustier with the leather ruffles and the cool bling she is sporting on her face. How gorgeous is she btw? Neon is a singer and a complete rock star with her fashion.

Check out some of her music here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shoe Pics by Guerre : NYFW

The fab Guerre of was doing a fab shoot for Mercedes-Benz during NYFW and I love the pics he took of my shoes. You can check out the entire series he did here

[Above Images by Guerre]

[This Image taken by someone standing around]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NYFW Street Fashion: for Vogue India

Check it out people

Also a cool collection that not many know about

I may put up the full posts here later, but no time right now. Also not all the stuff I out up on is entirely my style so I am not sure I want to put all of it on DSM. So click on the link and let me know what you guys think ;-)


Monday, September 19, 2011

DSM in Cosmo India

Thank you big time Cosmo India Magazine for this.. Totally psyched about it!!

More later. Super busy at work.


PS: I love you guys!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

You Have The Eyebrow for It: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Spotted at the IFB [Independent Fashion Blogger] conference that I attended for the first time this year. Dru Hilty's Prada eyebrow glasses could not be passed without documenting them in person. I have only seen them in pictures so far and I was super excited to have spotted them. Her vintage-y style with the glasses make for a very interesting look. Now I am obsessing over them and want them too. Was cool meeting you Dru. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Deep Purple [Prabal Gurung SS2012]: for

As an architect there was one massive reason I moved to the United States of America after college and that was to be like my idol architect Frank Gehry. I remember the first time I stepped into a building designed by him, I cried. Profusely. So image my excitement on getting my invite to one of my favorite fashion designer’s shows to be taking place in a Frank Gehry designed building. I really want this show to happen again just so that I can feel the pure pleasure I felt being in that moment again. Art everywhere. I can’t explain the immense impact the structure had on the collection either. The white translucency of the glass fa├žade on the white, purple and black collection, which also had a lot of shear, played perfectly well together. 

The orchid lips and the butterfly sunglasses are definitely the trade marks of this season’s collection. Prabal knows how to design in detail. Here are some of the glimpses from the show but I can bet they do not make up for the real experience. 

Taylor Tomasi outside the venue [IAC building designed by architect Frank Gehry]

British Singer Corinne Bailey Rae to the right

Nicki Minaj in all her funk glory. Major love.

Taylor caught in action. I would love for her to read stories to my future kids with those expressions.

Mr. Bill Cunningham looking happy to have spotted something bright and shiny. En Route to Nicki Minaj on the right.

Images 2, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 18 by Anna Morgowicz for and DSM

All other images by Prutha Raithatha

PS: I promise I have a lot of other shows/ fashion to show you guys. Just that Prabal's Show is the only one I have actually downloaded so far. lol.. the rest coming up soon.


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