Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pants Don’t Stay Up... That's what he said!!

Shoes: Hugo Boss Orange , Vintage; Jeans: Orisue ; Jacket: Diesel; Shirt: Imaginary Foundation ; Glasses: Versace 

Ok, so ofcourse by now you already know that I gravitate towards bad boys ;-).  And just cause I like to think of myself as the arty farty types, I am totally into the art of tattoos. Loved Brian’s ink and his entire look. The “Working together Works” shirt was the perfect bad boy but good boy touch. And the hugo boss vintage boots take it all.

After us grilling him for like 15 mins on each and every item of clothing he was wearing cause I was loving all of it, when we came to his jeans he said,” They are Orisue. And they never stay up!!” …lol… yeah right Brian…of course you had nothing to do with that ;-) …

Brian is a music engineer and producer and I am totally trippin on his style!! Belated Happy Birthday Brian!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Play with Gogol Bordello

Hat: Pendleton for Opening Ceremony ; Jacket: Rag  & Bone ; Sweater: Vintage from Spain; Shoes: Justin Boots, Vintage from Eleven 

Cities like New York are massive stages. Everyone is a character and we all have unique roles. I know it’s an age-old philosophy of life in general, but still, NYC literally is. It’s a conclusion I have derived just from meeting all these people that all of them have different priorities when it comes to fashion. And one interesting observation I made is that most of the times the more creative a person’s job is the more they invest [monetarily and effort wise] in fashion. Whether they can afford it or not. Just like me.

We met this really interesting musician Pamela Racins of the band Gogol Bordello .  [FYI, I checked out the band on myspace and quite liked the gypsy punk music they do]. Just her Sunday morning stroll outfit was so interesting that I wonder what she dresses like when she goes out. Am intrigued by how just a hat [however from Opening Ceremony, which is becoming one of my favorite stores, except I cant afford much there] and a cool jacket can add the slightest drama to your dog walk. I love that New Yorker’s do that on a regular basis without any inhibitions. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

La Maison Francaise: Personal Fashion

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Dress: Zara; Shoes: Irregular Choices ; Necklace: Shopper’s Stop , Mumbai [long time ago]; Leopard Ring: Random shop in NYC.

Having one dreamy outfit is kinda important I feel. It transforms you into an instant Juliet, when you put it on. Makes you feel sexy and romantic at the same time. With the rainy weekend and cold grey skies, the feeling of cozying up and being romantic took over me. Plus the great news about our publication in Times of India had me permanently smiling. Sometimes being in love doesn’t really need a partner. Life is near perfect right now and I am in love with how I feel. Hence I put on my pretty denim halter dreamy dress!

The back is non-existent, the front is super low, and the length is ultra long and flowy. This maxi dress is perfection. And big pretty bows on my toes are another of my Irregular Choice collection. I told you I’m in love with that place!! It's sooo me, that store. And besides the outfit, I am just blown away by this entire shoot. Each and every picture I thought was brilliant. It's a shame that the pictures that get posted loose some resolution and you guys can't see the images like it see them on my computer. Non the less, this is still spectacular. S is insane!! 

Have a lovely week everyone :-)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Attention Attention: Please to be checking us out in TIMES OF INDIA!! *batting eyelashes*

So major stuff happened during the weekend. On Saturday March 27, Don’t Shoe Me got published on the front page of the iDiva Section of the Times of India!! *Drum roll*. For people who don’t know, Times of India is the New York Times equivalent of India. And thanks to Sonu Bohra of Fashion Bombay we were in it. I had family and friends from all over India calling me and facebook-ing me to congratulate us. And all the while I was only thinking to myself, “Did Dad actually see my pictures in that lace unitard?”…lol…

But I cannot tell you how thrilled S and I were to have been published in TIMES OF INDIA!!!! 
Check out the online version of the article here.

Will post the scan of the actual print article later as I do not have a copy of it yet. Waiting patiently for my sister in Bombay to send one to me. Until then, everyone jump in joy with me!! Don’t stop!! Keep jumping!! I’ve been since the past 2 days .. J

Thursday, March 25, 2010

From one Blogger to another

When S and I are running around scoping out people for the blog on the street, we are both not dressed to impress at all. In fact it’s quite the contrary in the name of comfort. But it was cool to spot a fellow blogger Blade and see that he actually dresses like a stud even while he’s working, just likes us. 

Love his badass biker look and his glasses.

Check out his blog at 

Was fun meeting you Blade!!

Mr. Heber

I have said this a million times and I say it again, “ its all in the attitude”.  And what’s more fashionable than believing in yourself and loving it!! Heber’s bling was just that. A strong statement saying, “ My name is Heber and you should know that!”

Mr. Heber first rejected our offer to click him cause he didn’t understand what we were saying. He’s an Argentinean working in Connecticut. Then his friend [seeing the 2 pretty girls ;-)] asked us again what we wanted. After we explained to him Heber was more than happy to have his picture taken. But on one condition he said, “you take my picture, I take yours”. LOL … and that’s what we did. He posed for us first and then we took pictures with him and his friends giving the thumbs up. So sweet. He made our day and I hope that we made his J. [Yeah, by now you should know not to expect modestly out of me yo!! I keep it real!! ..hehe]. BTW, he was ultra sweet and I wanted to pull his cheeks real bad!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bright Idea

Jacket: Club Monaco; Watch: Michael Kors ; Top: Thrifted shirt converted into a top.

Ideas are such precious things that we sometimes don’t realize that we have to cherish all the tiny ones we have. I for one have to sketch it out or write it down as soon as I have one just cause I know that space is very limited in my tiny brains. So before I forget them I have to offload them onto some physical reference-able format. Stephanie’s converted shirt is one such awesome idea. She actually took a button down boy shirt and converted it into an asymmetrical one-shoulder top for herself. Isn’t that just insanely cool!! I want this top really bad!!  Anyone with any sewing skills that can make one for me?

Apart from her cool DIY top, Stephanie also has impeccable styling skills. I love her necklace with the spoon, fork and knife pendant. Her jeans and boyfriend jacket accented with the gold Michael Kors watch totally complete the look. Stephanie works at John Varvatos .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cloud No. 9

Photos by: Shraddha Borawake

There is just something about soft cuddly clothes that when you do wear them it makes you want to hug yourself. But in the winter even more just because it is hibernation season and a warm furry coat and hot cocoa is all you need as armor to protect yourself from the harsh cold outside.

Eve with her Regency cashmere coat looks like she just walked out of a dream. And all you want to do is rub up against her cause you know her coat is gonna feel sooo good


Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Months Old: Personal Fashion

Never in my entire dating life have I ever celebrated an anniversary of any sort due to a sever dislike for cheesiness. But when it comes to this blog, I can’t help but bring on the cheese fest. Happy 2 months to us!!! We are 2 months old today and 80 followers up. Also people from over 62 countries/ territories as per Google analytics have checked us out. I think its brilliant and way way way more than I had expected. Sending all you guys big bear hugs and sloppy kisses!! Thank you soooo much.

Another cool announcement. A fantastic guest photographer Mariam Mamaji has shot my post for today. Mariam is the reason I know Shraddha. Basically, Mariam is one of my BFF’s and Shraddha is one of Mariam’s BFFs. Hence by the theory of relativity, Shraddha is now one of my BFF’s. So while Mariam is in town for a couple of weeks, S and I totally decided to exploit our friendship and have her shoot for the blog.

Mariam is a pretty darn well known fashion photographer from Mumbai who has already had her works on massive billboards in prime Mumbai locations and a lot of editorial works for some of the most famous fashion magazines like L’Official, Verve, Seventeen and Hello.  She has also worked on add campaigns for L’Oreal, Maybelline and Pantaloon. So you see, we have the crème de la crème.


Photos by: Mariam Mamaji

Bag: Malaga ; Tunic: Zara ; Lace Unitard: AA ; Necklace: Club Monaco ; Shoes: Nine West [from a million years ago]; Leopard Ring: Some random shop in NYC. 

Celebrating the onset of spring, with brilliant temperatures finally in NYC, I couldn’t resist bringing out my whites!! First day without jackets. It felt soooo goooooood. I wear white way too much during the summer and just generally in life. I love this comfy white tunic with my lace unitard.  It forms a cool background of my most priced possession so far, my MALAGA bag by designer Malini Aggarwal. Last time I visited India I decided not to spend on nonsense shopping like I usually do. Just invest in a few good things. I spent all my money on 3 designer pieces, one of which was this purse. I love the Mughal era reference it has with the painting in the middle surrounded by diamonds and antique gold zardozi threadwork. You have to really see this bag in person to realize the brilliance of the embroidery and finish on it. And it is totally blinged out but in a very artful way. I love love love it and this is something I shall pass on to my nieces in my will. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Count 2

Almost like mini-celebrities in williamsburgh, these 2 men where hi-fiving everyone on the street. And they really did know everyone. Still not over their hangover from the night before and desperately hoping that their coffee will help them get over it, Hughlynn and Damian looked fab in their cool style.
Hughlynn Dukes [left] : pants: Ralph Lauren; Jacket: Zara; Glasses: vintage
Damian Dreher: Everything thrifted including the hat.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It’s All in the Details

Just back from a full day!! Work till 6pm, then a volunteer group meeting, then dinner with friends and just when I decided to call it a night, some other crazy friends forced me to go see them on the LES for a drink, cause it St. Patrick’s day!! And You know with this blogging business, I am up every night till about 1 or 2 am!! And then I have to wake up at 7am… Need sleep!!!!…but am loving every bit of it!! Thank you guys for all the lovin!! And although a bit late but Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!!!

As this blog comes along, I realize that a lot of the shots we’ve taken are because of some detail I thought was brilliant. Could be simple but different. Loved the Steven Alan jacket Larissa was wearing and I have been looking for it all over and cant find it. Although with spring here [yes I’m claiming that it is here and its here to stay. I don’t care what the weather report for next week will be, I pronounce that spring it is!!] I don’t think I will have the need for a jacket, but this jacket seems like a good investment for a wardrobe.  Don’t you?

Jacket / hat: Steven Allen ; Grey sweater: thrifted

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From One Architect to Another

You make me proud with your sense of style Mr. Pancho.

As much as I am into loving animals and being green and everything, I still cannot stop myself from gravitating towards anything leather and especially vintage looking leather. I think I just turned around and caught a tiny tiny glimpse of what Pancho was wearing before he walked past me and I didn’t really know for sure what he was wearing except that there was something interesting. So I ran behind him and asked for pictures. Totally worth it!!

German Leather vest with the worn out brown edges just stole my heart completely. I badly need some vintage leather in my wardrobe right now!! Do notice his color blocking with the outer jacket and the shoes and the black vest with the socks. And as if that wasn’t enough his vintage translucent glasses and his hair are also the same colors [i.e: brown and black]. I love architects and their sense of style. I’m not sure I love the profession of architecture that much though..hehe… speaking strictly from a personal point of view of course.  But we architects do know how to make it work!! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NYC’s “Afghan Girl”

Green Pants/ Shoes: Vintage, Big Sweater: from Mexico, Hat: from Russia; Bag: Vintage Coach 

Since the past 3 weeks every couple of days S will email me asking, “When will you post that pretty girl we shot in Williamsburg?” and I would regretfully say, “ Soon honey soon”. I am sure she’s going to be bouncing off the walls today knowing it’s finally up.

But ohh is this girl pretttyyy or what! I mean she was not wearing much makeup at all except some mascara. And the ease with which she put that outfit together was fantastic. Green is such a cool color to use for bottoms. I think not many people realize that they can use green for pants and it does look good. And besides looking good, it just gives us a break from the usual black and blues. 

  Maggie had her style perfect. Green Vintage pants, muted with grey sweaters [the larger one is from Mexico], clubbed with brown vintage boots and a vintage Coach bag. All different colors, but all neutrals, so they all go well together. I like her candy-striped scarf too. But the Russian furry soft hat takes it all. I wanted to touch it so bad but had to refrain.

  Apart from Maggie's easy-breezy-pretty-comfy-trendy outfit, I just can’t get over how pretty she is. Those eyes!!! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Garbage Shoot : Personal Fashion

Shoes: Irregular Choices ; Sweater: H &M ; Tights: AA ; Leather Cuff: Mango ; Wooden Ring: Thrifted; Necklace: Evolution 

The past entire week has been such a high I can’t tell you. Soooo much going on. Our good friends Mariam and Apanavi are in town. Mariam landed on Monday. Apanavi had a fantastic art show open on Thursday. And Friday was S’s show opening. And with Mariam in town for both of these events, we’ve all been just  wining and dining and laughing like crazy, catching up on good times while we make new memories. I love my friends!!

I am only just back from S’s place after dinner with the crazies [M and A from above], still dressed in the same outfit as in the pictures. We just shot this series Sunday evening and night. Couldn’t do it earlier due to the blasted rain. I mean I am all for rain and all, but not when I am wearing my favorite pair of shoes, which could melt if water touched it you know. It’s not a myth people, I swear. And even if it is a myth, this wasn’t the pair I was going to experiment on to find out.

I hate ponchos and I hate ultra big sweaters on me. I think they make bigger people look unbearably huge. Like twice their size. I never owned either, until I found this big sweatery- poncho thing. Its somewhere in the middle of both and had interesting button details on the side and still didn’t make me look triangular in shape, so I bought it.  And what can I say about the shoes. I know you may think I am crazy, but this is who I am and this is what I like. I am in love with them and I bought them at this shop called Irregular Choices that has become one of my favorite shops for shoes. Coz they sell all crazy shoes I know are going to fit just right in my closet …  the necklace is another story altogether, but I’ll tell you about it in another post.

    Oh and please consider the last shot as an art shot. We spotted this fab window display right below S’s apt with all gold bags and couldn’t resist taking a picture in front of it… even in the pouring rain…with S shooting me, M holding the flash and A holding an umbrella over S and M’s heads… hehe..It was a sight!! Laughing like idiots, we had soo much fun doing it!! I love you all ladies. …xoxoxoxo 


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