Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Play with Gogol Bordello

Hat: Pendleton for Opening Ceremony ; Jacket: Rag  & Bone ; Sweater: Vintage from Spain; Shoes: Justin Boots, Vintage from Eleven 

Cities like New York are massive stages. Everyone is a character and we all have unique roles. I know it’s an age-old philosophy of life in general, but still, NYC literally is. It’s a conclusion I have derived just from meeting all these people that all of them have different priorities when it comes to fashion. And one interesting observation I made is that most of the times the more creative a person’s job is the more they invest [monetarily and effort wise] in fashion. Whether they can afford it or not. Just like me.

We met this really interesting musician Pamela Racins of the band Gogol Bordello .  [FYI, I checked out the band on myspace and quite liked the gypsy punk music they do]. Just her Sunday morning stroll outfit was so interesting that I wonder what she dresses like when she goes out. Am intrigued by how just a hat [however from Opening Ceremony, which is becoming one of my favorite stores, except I cant afford much there] and a cool jacket can add the slightest drama to your dog walk. I love that New Yorker’s do that on a regular basis without any inhibitions. 


  1. Cool...
    Liked the photograph No.1 very much...
    bright yellow wall is perfect for background...

  2. I like the general appearance on the first photo. It's cool plus interesting music.

  3. looks great...LOVE your shoes and the yellow wall behind!

  4. HAHAHAHA I KNOW, true Petsy-style, I'm such a moron.

    Everyone actually kept telling me like "normal sunglasses aren't supposed to look like that...", but hey, the bright side of life - Now in 3D! HAHA

  5. petsy, u crack me up big time!!!!!
    u and i missey will get along really well, i can tell...lol


  6. thats pretty rad. gogol bordello are pretty well known...



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