Tuesday, March 9, 2010

StePHONE …. Tring tring!

Shoes: Urban Outfitters ; Leather Jacket: Vintage; Sweater: made by self.

I have been waiting to find the right time to post these amazing pictures. Stephone’s style was something of the nature of street couture, if I had to put it in words. As and when we were clicking his pictures, we kept discovering layers and layers of DIY collars that he had made himself. So interesting that I begged him to take them off one by one to show us the details on an ultra cold night. And he very happily obliged us. That was really sweet of him.

Brilliant styling and drama is something only a few can carry out in grace. If you are not one of them naturally, it’s hard to fake it. Stephone I can tell was born with it. His upturned hat, with the big volume collar detail on his sweater, the fur and the unisex wedged shoes he was wearing, is not something many guys can carry off. And that’s why he’s unique and brilliant.

Stephone is a performer, musician, fashion designer, stylist and a student at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, NYC. He has his own blog at pycboston.blogspot.com . Check him out.
It was a pleasure meeting you Stephone Leonard.


  1. Impeccable styling :) Each piece is so unique and comes together so well!

    And I'm in love with the mood of the photos too. Particularly how well you captured his bronze skin in the portrait images :)

  2. totallly agree with u republic of chic... and i also love how he is the focus of the oic and everything around him in background is just blurry spots of light!! S is brilliant...and she did all this without flash in the dark... coz her flash broke...

    fyi, this guy's DYI was seriously impeccable.. really well finished!!

  3. quite amazingly all put together! especially love the ruffle collar -- warmth and style in one!

  4. I love how there's so much personality in both the photos and the outfits. I just adore the theatricality of this.

  5. he rocks!!!
    tnx for sharing)))

  6. It's always refreshing when someone dares to be different. Stephone is a great find...I wish I could photograph him.

  7. hey torontoverve, maybe u can contact stephone at his blog and ask him... thats if ur gonna visit nyc anytime soon..

  8. his shoes are great. but i don't think i can carry this look. haha!!




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