Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From One Architect to Another

You make me proud with your sense of style Mr. Pancho.

As much as I am into loving animals and being green and everything, I still cannot stop myself from gravitating towards anything leather and especially vintage looking leather. I think I just turned around and caught a tiny tiny glimpse of what Pancho was wearing before he walked past me and I didn’t really know for sure what he was wearing except that there was something interesting. So I ran behind him and asked for pictures. Totally worth it!!

German Leather vest with the worn out brown edges just stole my heart completely. I badly need some vintage leather in my wardrobe right now!! Do notice his color blocking with the outer jacket and the shoes and the black vest with the socks. And as if that wasn’t enough his vintage translucent glasses and his hair are also the same colors [i.e: brown and black]. I love architects and their sense of style. I’m not sure I love the profession of architecture that much though..hehe… speaking strictly from a personal point of view of course.  But we architects do know how to make it work!! 


  1. That color palette is phenomenal. Screw fashion stigma, I love when people mix brown and black.

    And as an architecture enthusiast, I'm definitely on the same page.

    Great shots!

  2. am soo glad someone lisa!!

  3. love it!!! brown and black is my fav to experiment with too!



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