Friday, March 5, 2010

Color Me Bad!

Jacket: H&M ; Shoes: Demonia ; Sweater: WetSeal ; Scarf: HelloKitty

When I was younger I remember going to watch the movie “Run Lola Run” and being totally and completely fascinated by Franka Potente’s bright red hair. I tried really hard, almost like clockwork every morning, to convince my mom to let me have red hair and of course she refused every single time. So I got the next best color, burgundy! And then I got blond and then I got dark brown and then I got black and then blond again and then I got broke… by the “broke” part I mean I started earning my own money and did not have pappa’s [dad’s] money to spend on hair salon’s every couple of months. So now the L’oreal DYI hair color has to do the trick… where is my father when I need him!!! [j/k]

So we spotted this ultra cute chick on the street. Her hard-edged Goth look combined with such bright colored highlights and eye shadow, all just worked for me.  Look at all the colors in her hair. She has yellow, red, purple, blue and ofcourse black, all on one head and they all work soo well together. I even asked her if she would do my hair, but she lives in philly hence not…  I must have such highlights some day. I MUST!! [Noone, I repeat, NO ONE tell my mom... capeesh?]


  1. Hahaha, lovely burst of color!!! I loved this shoot, I outrightly asked this couple -" So what are you guys? Emo? Goth?" they very sweetly nodded no and said they were from Philadelphia! They were awesome! Hope your checking this Franka?


  2. I wish I was cool enough to pull of her hair/makeup. I love her scarf, great pics!
    It didn't say you were a follower :(
    How do you like living in NYC? I visited during Fashion week, came for the culture and art and fell in love with the city, want to live there for a year or two of my life. Love the fast paced environment!

  3. it's not my style at all, but I understand that its kinda hip and cool))))
    so i guees its a cool street-style shots!
    hahahah "i have a tiny brains"))))))) you make me laught! darling I will always be glad to see you with youк brains in my blog

  4. So that's how people in Philadelphia dress? SHAZAAM!!

  5. Wow... never knew so many colors together could look soooo gorgeous...
    Pru darlin... I'd love to see two flicks of canary yellow on you with just a tinge of powder blue... wow wow
    Will eagerly await for our very own fashionista's new look

  6. ALEX: whenever ur in nyc next, we should defi meet!! will show u around nyc and we can catch up...hit some cool bars and hang out...i loveeeeeeeeee nyc too

    poli: her style isnt my kind style eother...but i loev the hair..i could see myself having those colors and wearing it with chic outfits and even going to meeting..hehe...ofcourse needless to say, i would be shocking the corporate ppl at the meeting, but who cares...hehe

    tina: thats an interesting combo...i do want to try some crazy colors on my hair...but has to wait for some months... going to interviews right will not work at this point in life...but later for sure!!

    u guys r awesome!! keep commenting!! i love such discussions!!

  7. I love that hair! Also, she has such striking features. Nice pictures!



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