Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunday Dogday

Hellooooo Mister!! We met this fine young gentleman/dog in Brooklyn, dressed sharp in his Sunday afternoon stroll attire, looking good enough to eat!! I don’t mind being single for the rest of my life if only I could have him forever!!... I <3 doggies!!

OMG that reminds me, I have to feed Chuck!!!!!!!! .... Damn it!! 

P S: Chuck is the name of my plant that my ex-colleagues from work gave me to "look after" when I kept pestering them about getting a dog. Since they think I am super irresponsible and have an over active social life, they thought starting with a plant for practice was a better idea. This is my fourth attempt at keeping Chuck alive L. But it’s not my fault. Plants don’t move or bark, how the hell am I supposed to remember they are alive!!


  1. awww i misses my doggie:)shoo cute:)

  2. Lookin good, Bowser!!

  3. i'm actually a cat lover, but this dog is damn cute))))
    tnx for congratulations with my B-day))))

  4. in love with that dog!! your plant story cracked me up btw!



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