Thursday, September 1, 2011

ShotGun [Slogan] Murugan

I normally never do this [write about other blogs on my blog], but I am obsessed with this one person’s talent of photography and documentation. His name is Gopal M S [or Slogan Murugan…don’t ask reasons for 2 names. It’s Indian hence consider it foreign and move on]. He has 3 blogs

This one is one my favorite because it’s all about Mumbai [where I am from] in its un-glorified true form. There are so many things M S documents on his blog about Mumbai that even I as a person who grew up there and spent 22 yrs of life in, finds fascinating. 

This blog is essentially the same but about his travels to different parts of India and not restricted to Mumbai

I think this one is mostly about Bangalore.

Anywho, Moving on, I love these 2 dappar Kutch guys he spotted in Kutch, Gujarat that totally speak fashion to me in the rawest hence highest form. I really wish India / Indians do not give up their traditional fashions ever. It’s too unique, beautiful and original to be lost. 

DUDE 1: Look at the earrings, his necklace, the details on his shirt, jacket and his jhoti/ harem pants. M S could have captured this guy better.

DUDE 2: Consider the crisp look of this auto rickshaw driver's Jacket and his layering. Love the turban although a lot of traditional Indian men wear it. And then you see the little western-ness creeping into the culture with those Sketchers type looking shoes. Makes me sad.

Images by M S Gopal


  1. Thanks for the links, Prutha, I saved them. I like those photos a lot!

  2. Thank you. I must click more street fashion. Before people here start dressing like people everywhere else!

  3. the photography is insane! thanks for sharing.

  4. so agree. I love the layering.

    Yes. Slogan, shoot more street style before everyone dresses like everyone else.

  5. i totally agree!! time for another blog Slogan!! ethnic street style!! and then we'll make a book of it !! soo exciting!!

  6. I can understand your obsession, I like what I'm seeing too!

  7. Awesome! Checking it out NOW! Dude #1 is da shizzz!!!

    ♡ from ©

  8. oh my, these are insanely good!


  9. I completely agree with you Prutha. My favourite blogger and one of my favourite persons.

  10. What an amazing culture! A unique place for sure! How I wish I could travel to India, it has always been on my mind! Your friend seems like a really talented person too.

  11. Any one know the name of the jacket worn in the first mans photo...I have one but can't remember the name!



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