Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skeleton in my closet ;-) : Personal Fashion

Dress: Callalilai ; Shiny black Leggings: AA ; Purple Shoes: Steve Madden ; Belt: Ann Taylor Loft ; Hair Pin: Lucky Brand ; Clutch: Streets of Bombay; Rolling Stones Tote: Target ; Brown Loafers: Aldo ; Black Winter Jacket: Zara 

In the longing anticipation of spring when you get one day in the winter where it feels like spring, what do you do? I pretended like it was spring already! 

This dress is something that I just bought and had to wear the next day itself. Actually I always do that. Whenever I buy something new, I have to wear it the very next day. I can’t wait. Its just a genetic problem… blame it mom ;-).  So back to the dress, I found it at this boutique called Callalilai in Soho, which sells very vintage looking clothes, bags and accessories. I fell in love with the window display itself and knew it was my kinda store instantly. I love how this dress has a funky cut and drape to it along with colors and a print, which make it look like something from your mom’s closet. Plus it has POCKETS! [I’m a big sucker for pockets, just FYI]. 

 Its Paired with my purple Steve Madden shoes, purple belt and a clutch I picked up on my last trip to Bombay. I had a purple clutch too that would have essentially gone with the outfit, but when it gets too matchy I don’t like it. Hence editing is super important. And I found this beautiful hair pin at Lucky Brand and I am so in love with it. I really really do love hairpieces. And a lot of times I will just wear that for an accessory and nothing else. No other jewelry.

I also wanted to show the daytime version of the look. Yes, that is what I was wearing while chasing other people on the streets for pictures. The heels changed to flat loafers, the purse changed to a casual rolling stones tote, the black jacket came on to, well, just keep me from freezing my behind off and the skeleton came out to be my date J …soo sweet…holding hands and everything… just “hangin” out [literally] .. aweee...


  1. Love the clutch!! Which street in Bombay? I wannt :)

  2. u know those places in santacruz west? some small dingy alley stores behind the famous sandwich guy? there...

  3. love the second photo the most. clearly shows the draping. want to see the dress without the leggings, maybe when it is really spring :)

  4. Great outfit.. Color-ordination is impeccable!

  5. i simply love this...its awesome...love ur outfit n shoes....mmind blowing...i want 1 of the same....:(((
    n btw whc place in santacruz?n whc sandwich guy?
    pranali asher

  6. Gorgeous! My favorite look on you so far. I love how HOT you look while FREEZING in the NY fake Spring weather. I feel like a hot cocoa now.

  7. awee...thank u all... my fav pic however is the second last one with the skeleton...doesnt anyone like it? ...i thought it was soo brilliant!

  8. looking stunning in the pics, great outift u've put together girl. especially love the drss, shoes and hairpin. must go to this callalilai when i am in ny next :)

  9. love the dress so beautiful it looks on you and the purple peeps is hot as well :)

  10. Pru you -maybe unwittingly- put up the 'street grunge' and 'evening out' versions of the same outfit! both fab! love the loafers as much as the purple passion fashion! ;P
    maybe this theme should be more deliberate....in future posts.
    you know everyone in NY takes public transport or walks- even when they're headed for an elite event. So it would be cool to do a "commute" or "street" version of the same thing you can later glam up to a party!
    maybe you were already doing that....but anyway- love it!

  11. ooooh! this one's THE BEST yet.. im sure therez better to come.. but this whole thing is so well put together!!
    green purple combo is fantastic!

    absolutely LOVE the loafers.. i'd totally go shopping in those.. or work!.. so COMFY!!!

    beautiful pin.. cake is never complete w/o the cherry!

  12. love this outfit. so delicate and girly against the graffiti backdrop.


  13. hey sweetie! very chic ensemble. for some reason i really like the first pic, which i think really captures the whole look and there's something about the mood of that pic as well...

  14. thanku alll

    poo: i love the first pic too... but the skeleton one is soo fun!!
    lejardin: checked out ur blog..cool stuff!
    anushka: will defi try to do that more often... xoxo

  15. Move here../ so i can borrow these awesomo shoes!

  16. Beautiful hair pin thingy and killer proportions. I see how hard it can be to get it right, the dress, the coat, all big and intimidating proportions but you nailed it! :)



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