Friday, February 12, 2010

Roommate 1: Christina Carr

Chris is one of those women, whom after you’ve met once you can never forget! She’s crazy, in the best possible way you can imagine. Apart from being a writer, T.V actress, musician, she also works with NASA… lol… well she does, that’s true, but she works for their radio station. But even so, how many of us can say that our childhood dreams of working for NASA have come true, huh?

Her style I have to say is very eclectic. You never know what character she’s going to be playing tomorrow. But all of them will be edgy with a little punk rock in some way.  I love the hat [which she borrowed from her friend sasha]; her finger rings and the funky glasses that make you go dizzy after a couple of magic mushrooms... lol....Thanks for doing this for me ya!! 


  1. ha ha that's a french horn btw! and it sounds like an elephant in heat.

    i love that last photo -- which was actually the first taken -- so groovy! I had a blast -- thanks gals!

  2. yes, the hat was borrowed from the lovely, talented and most importantly stylish, Sasha Dobson -- she has a great eye for all things vintage and unique.

    the leathers are classic -- and paired with the psychedelic glasses? wild.

    but it's the hat that gives this outfit a story -- and invites you on a journey through doors of perception where we SoHo residents always dare to be as groovy as possible.

  3. that is sooo true... soho-ites do dare to be groovier than most...

  4. cool pictures! and i love your fashion week posts too. i am ddyyyyiiinnngg to go eventually, but i'm only 15 haha i guess i can wait a while :)
    love always,

  5. Nice bling rings and other accessories! :)

    -VJ Bala



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