Friday, February 26, 2010

Hanako from Columbia [the University, of course…its all about NYC people!..j/k]

Before I even start talking about Hanako’s look I have to confess that I really want her Dad to adopt me. She was covered from head to toe in brands that I still haven’t been able to save up for. And even though my father can afford to buy it for me, he just won’t… how rude right? So for now, I am just going to lust over her look till I win the Mega Millions.

Boots: Prada ; Sweater: Vince ; Bag: Balenciaga ; Bracelet: Louis Vuitton ; Jacket: Top Shop . And I love the fur around her neck. Perfect accessory to this outfit. You did well Hanako.


  1. She is a lucky girl! Her outfit is super cute!



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