Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Night Rider

There are often times in life when I pass by someone and don’t notice what he or she is wearing. And then I pass them by again and wonder how I missed noticing the outfit the first time. Vivian Wu was one of those kinda incidences.  Yup, I know, I am a little slow at times.

The best part about her outfit was the leather jacket dress she was wearing inside her winter coat. It was a brilliant bubble dress jacket with folded sleeves, etc. The fishnet stockings with the fab wedged boots, studded bracelets and the hat totally completed the hot-modern-biker chick look.  Everything she wore except the stockings were things she had found at random places in China or thrift stores. The stockings, she remembered, were from Pixie market.

She’s a jewelry designer BTW and was super fun. Even though that night was one of the coldest nights of this winter and S and I were barely keeping our noses from running, Vivian was great. She posed like a pro, had fun with it, even took off her coat so we could get a picture of her leather bubble jacket underneath. I would love to see her jewelry someday. I am sure she has some cool ideas up her sleeves. But until that happens, I need to concentrate on finding me a cool leather dress/jacket!


  1. loved the first half and the boots ,somehow the fish net isn't working for me :)

  2. Love it, i admire all the layering. You must be having the best time with this!!!

  3. have never seen a leather bubble dress. interesting find! for me, since she is almost not to be seen under all those layers, i liked the fishnet addition. pru - gud luck with finding your leather dress!

  4. remya: hehe...i think its time to go to china!! also remember it was beyond freezing that day..she need to be that layered... it was had to stay out for even 1 min

  5. i think is amazing that kind of combination of dark colors!:D

  6. she's very ingenuous and the style is great!))

    I would be glad to see you in my blog!)

  7. i love the style, its so cute
    come stop by! :)

  8. hehe- there's such an aura of fun and mischief with this post. It's quite infectious! Her expression, poses, the outfit- the caption-all of it.
    Viewing pleasure has a new meaning!

  9. i love this, reminds me of The Dark Knight for some reason, in a nice way, i love it



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