Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chemical Processing: Personal Fashion

Images by Jackie Russo

Dress: Complex Geometry; Leather Leggings: BCBG; Hat: Bloomingdales; Cat Skull Necklace: Custom made by OS accessories; Creepers: Underground UK; Jacket: All Saints

That guy in the military long jacket on his skate board is my favorite part of this shoot. His look was such a contradiction to his activity, it worked perfectly with the DSM philosophy.

I saw this kind of chemical processing of images done by a photog friend Wayne [who shot this for DSM earlier] and wanted to try it one time on DSM. Jackie pulled this rabbit out of her hat and I am beyond excited with the result. Art, I say, is so fulfilling.

Am in love with my custom cat and bird skull necklace from OS accessories. It's heavy but totally worth it. Don't worry they are not real skulls, they are made out of some high quality polyurethane. But yeah this necklace did have all eyes rolling at me during fashion week and I loved it. It's fun for me to know in my head that people think I am a "Bad-ass" by looking at my attire when in fact I am quite the opposite. So much so that I can't even watch a trailer of Paranormal activity in passing or else will have to sleep with my lights on the entire

Shhh.... No one needs to know.


  1. As you said, Art is, indeed, quite fulfilling! Thanks for letting us enjoy that feeling of fulfillment!!! Time & again! :)

  2. the images are indeed surreal......and you look totally roccking!

  3. so inspiring photos i am a fan of black n white these are so great!

  4. What an absolutely brilliant photo shoot!! Have just been staring at them...

  5. The dichotomy in this post is beautiful. I love how there is a hard acid quality in treatment, whereas the black and white imagery has an overall softness. Your external shell - clothing and accessories, are tough (ok, badass) but your face is joyful/kind, almost child-like (last image). More literally, some details are sharp as a tack(bracelets shot) while the general effect is artistic/blurry.
    Ok, so, in my top 5 from you.

  6. babe you're on another level altogether, your work alternates between sublime and brilliant! i am sooo proud to be your friend. please exhibit asap somewhere and someone tell Damien Hirst that he's so over, the new bad girl of modern art is right here!!!!!



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