Monday, March 12, 2012

Shipwrecked Monkey Zoo and the Faceless Beast: Personal Fashion

Images by Ben Taylor

Jeggings: TopShop; Hoodie Sweater: H&M; Jacket: Zara; Shoes: Irregular Choices; Hat: Custom Made by Priya CP

Found this barge floating in the Hudson river with this wrecked monkey zoo sculpture on it. Of course Ben and I had to use it when we spotted it, irrespective of weather it would float away with us on it or would just sink with my weight. Don't even ask how we got on and off it.

Gave the faceless monkeys a human factor by giving them my furry hats to keep them warm in the blistering cold and took away my face to dehumanize me a little so that I feel a little less and react a lot less. I guess as humans we do this all the time. We treat our book with respect, love our clothes and money to no end and strive our entire lives to become stronger emotionally which really is just forcing ourselves to feel less.

But underneath all of the above, I have to let you in on a tiny life secret: When you wear hand puppet mittens, life automatically becomes funny as hell for no reason at all!

Missed you guys!!! xo


  1. I have to say- I love when people explore elements in their cities that most people would just walk by without interacting with it. Most of all - i love barges. I also love your top shop jeggings. Jealous jealous blogger from Mumbai I am.

  2. <3 your sensibilities (as always!)... :)

    P.S.: The monkeys are amazing!

  3. I <3 your eyeliner...which one is it? I've been looking for this shade for eons !!

  4. you are so hilariously cute!



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