Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nailed It: Vogue India

Here is my new blog post for Vogue India.

When fashion people say “she looked so put together from tip to toe”, we mean that she put the effort to coordinate [which should not be confused with the word “match”. They are 2 entirely different words. If someone was completely matchy- matchy they most certainly would not be fashionably coordinated] her entire outfit. This includes her makeup, accessories and nails. Having your nails done has become such a big part of the feminine culture all around the world that we now have nail salons every couple of blocks. It’s a girl’s way of getting her alone time and pampering herself. Lovely well-done nails can totally flip the mood of the day for a lady.

But when you don’t have the time and the money to spend at a fancy nail salon and still want some super creative nail art, what do you do? Gone are the days when we would experiment with 2-3 different nail paints to make patterns ourselves. Welcome the new age of stick on nail art, where no glue is required, no real manicure skills are required either and the nails come out looking professional and last atleast a week without chipping. There are various different types of stick on nail art, but the best and the most easiest to use are the Sally Hansen and Sephora ones.

The Sally Hansen pre designed nail art come in some beautiful and fun patterns like leopard print, flower patterns, plain neon’s, plain glitter, herringbone etc. My personal favorite is the herringbone. The Sephora stick-ons come is some additional patterns, 3d bling included. Check out some of these options below and tell me if you don’t love these 15 min nails that last for a week at $5-$10 approximately.

Image 1: Ben Taylor
Image 2: NURBS
Image 3,4: Prutha Raithatha
Image 5: Brian Augistine


  1. The herringbone are the coolest, you're right. Somewhat CdG if you ask me, if Rei did nails.

  2. Congratulations! I love your nails! =)




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