Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Let The Darkness Eat You Up: Personal Fashion

Photography by Jackie Russo
Images 1,3,4,9,13 edited by Prutha Raithatha

Dress: Thrifted; Shoes: Moonspoon Salon; Sweater: Vintage [borrowed from flat-mate]; Necklace: TopMan

While walking around the park looking for a location, we walked into a space and saw this girl in snowny white-pink with this beautiful face paint makeup and I just gravitated towards her physically but unconsciously. She saw me and the reaction was the same. She couldn't get over my shoes and I couldn't get over her makeup and while we both were still in the middle of our sentences admiring each others' looks, we just started hugging. 

Jackie asked me later, "Do you know her?" 
Me, "No. But I know her type"

Cosmic connections through art and expression of self is such a satisfying and strong force, it baffles me everytime I feel it. 


  1. those shoes sure are going to turn heads not to mention the whole ensemble. i love it - great backdrop too.

  2. great post babes. what are the pyschedlic pics of??

  3. Amazing colors, photography, and conceptualization...

  4. You are so courageous as far as fashion is concerned and its really mind blowing each time I see your personal style posts :)

  5. Jackie, you go girl!!! - Shraddha

  6. You never fail to amaze me girl! Every time, you have something out-of-the-box up your sleeve!! :)

    That necklace is so you......& of course, so are the shoes!!

  7. you are so funky! love your style. If you get a minute check out my blog!


    Alana Johnson

  8. You're so right my friend! Greetings from Greece! :)



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