Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeling Aoi: Street Fashion

Purse: Paul Smith; Hat: Reiss; Dress: Complex Geometry; Shoes: Opening Ceremony; Belt: from France; Glasses: See Eyewear 

Tell me your not feeling Aoi’s style? Just tell me! Aoi, which BTW means Blue in Japanese [hence the smart title ;-)… I’m such a genius of small things I feel], totally caught my attention from across the room with her Paul Smith purse. Perfect accessory to carry around at an art exhibition I say. Wonder if it was a PS-1 special. And when I got closer to her I realized how cool her curvy hat was. And then the vintage scarf and then the cool asymmetrical dress and the belt and the shoes, etc. A complete head to toe love for her look.

Aoi is a Japanese Calligrapher working at an art gallery in San Francisco. 


  1. I like what I see so very much. thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment :) follow is a must...

  2. Loving her look :)) The bag is awesome!

  3. What a freaking gorgeous bag! She nailed it! :)

  4. Interesting style and cute.
    Paul Smith made a killing with those bags.

  5. Strange but sweet outfit, I like it :)

    Cheap is Chic

  6. V interesting stuff seriously... love the way she has coupled up her dress with that hat, scarf & yesss... that awesome looking bag!

  7. Awesome shoot. Really love these photos.



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