Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MulMul: Emerging Designer Check

Images from the MulMul website
Just spotted this amazing new designer that I thought I must share with you guys. Have you seen anything more delicate and soft yet bold and sexier than this?
I am particularly in love with the feaya dress [image 1]. I really really want it. I can see myself wearing it out on a Sunday morning, with some loafers, some cool long silver necklaces and maybe a turban hat [like I love to do]. Could even wear it with the ruffle shorts [image 2] underneath it. Awee… It’s such a divine collection of comfortable sexy!!

Check out the entire collection at MulMul


  1. ooooo perfect for Bombay weather!

  2. Finally some eye candy for the boys I see! Lol.. Keep em comming

    - V

  3. So romantic. It reminds me the fairy tale_ I'm not sure of the translation_ A princess and the pee.

  4. love your photos/blog!! so interesting! that dress (3rd pic) is incredible. so fun to see what others wear in cooler cities than my own little town outside of chicago. we need some funky dresses and too high high heels!!!

  5. :) Thank you Prutha and Shraddha for this wonderful post! Please link our website for your readers

  6. The third one is so great! They look so comfy!
    Great post!

  7. Those shorts are super cute. It's getting cool now so I'd have to wear a few layers either side but I'd still love them :)

  8. It's romantic & sexy!!
    I love White.I's beautiful color.
    Great photo!

  9. The word Mulmul reminds me of my grammy.. She always used to dress in it cuz it's so soft and comfy.. And we used it to strain stuff in the kitchen! :)

  10. wow i love the exquisite details in such simple garments... i have a zara tunic similar to this one that i found at a flea market in delhi sometime back... gorgeous find!

  11. I love white in summer and all her stuff looks sexy and the underwear with the cute ribbon bow:-)

  12. My gosh every piece is adorable and sexy and there is nothing quite like fine white cotton!

  13. LOVE a good white dress
    you have a great blog, keep it up
    and thanks for the comments, they mean the world!


  14. Delicate + soft + bold is correct! Love this line. Beautiful.

    Just read your 'about me' and I am so happy that you are an architect too! It's rare to find an architect/fashion blogger. Awesome! I just put up a post about meeting Daniel Libeskind! Check it out! :)

    xx rk

  15. hi,,nice blog..
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