Monday, May 31, 2010

Blown Away: Personal Fashion

Images By: Renuka Sawhney

Dress: Zara; Shoes: Patrizia Pepe Firenze; Scarf: Goa, India; Bag: Pylones 

This post is called blown away cause when we took these pictures; it was undeniably the windiest day of the year. I promise. My friend Renuka and I were wandering about and decided to go to the Highland [which is an elevated park next to the Hudson River] to take some pictures. We took atleast a hundred in order to get 5 right shots. Lol.. I am not exaggerating. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun.

Bought this khaki Lenin dress from Zara and its so super comfy for the summer. Love mixing it up with some scarfs, this one being one of favorites because of the color. And yes, the bag is purely for the humor. It always gets me more than a few looks in the subway whenever I am carrying it around.. hehe…and that entertains me beyond belief. Totally worth the investment.

I went to Boston for the long weekend and had a great time!! Really needed the break. Hope all you pretty people out there had an equally eventful weekend :)



  1. ur bag is really cute!! love the scarf and the bracelets!!

  2. Gorgeous pics! Love the bag, the shoes and the make-up is flawless. I have the same scarf!

  3. Judging from the pictures of your personal fashion series, I gotta say you are a fun person to be around. I'm I right?
    They are vibrant and energetic.
    I especially like this one coz of the scarf and ofcourse not forgetting 'The Bag.'

  4. I really really love this look on u for some reason. It's more quietly elegant than funky and not typical u and that makes it lovely. The upswept hair, secret half smile, and hot pink pumps are grace Kelly meets Audrey Hepburn. I love!!

  5. Purtha! Your look is goooooooood!

  6. Dude...the bag is so you...hilarious.
    Also.. love the eye make up.... how much time did it take you?

  7. Love the "Women" bag. Zara is fun... always get some great stuff there. And now, FINALLY, it has come to India. Will probably check it out soon.

  8. This post, by far is my favourite one... Albeit, I do feel, you could have done better with the bracelet look...

  9. I love the bag and the bracelet!!! Its awesome :)

  10. The bag is so funny.... Although I don't think that i would ever be able to carry it and handle all the attention it would attract

  11. Beautiful and freaky...the way it should be!

    You are going to love my vintage leotard collection:

    I am in NY too so if you want to see the collection let me know.


  12. WOW! I love the bag!!
    Also love the eye make-up and how it matches your scarf. Beautiful, you look great, love the pink and blue details, which add vibrancy to khaki.

    ps. ages ago you visited my blog and left a comment asking about how I do my animated pics, or
    Just upload however many pics you need to create desired effect, keep each pic under 1mb.

  13. verry kewl shots!!..u luk real nice..and am loving the necklace fashioned into bracelet

  14. i LOVE your bag. feminist to the max.



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