Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Woodhead : Street Fashion

Jacket: Daite; Tank Top: H&M; Skirt/ Hat: Vintage

Spotted in a huge crowd of people because of her brilliant red turban was this amazing New Zealand actress Teresa Peters.  She’s the lead in an experimental art movie called Woodhead, which is a dark, sexually charged and at times disturbing film set in a fairytale story. I am dying to see this movie now [click here to find out more about the movie]. It sounds too interesting and totally and completely up my alley. I love love love independent and experimental movies / art. The summer is almost here and I can’t wait to get back into the groove of checking out cool art forms in the city.  Teresa is also an artist.

Having such a brilliant personality can only result in fab individual style. Love the turban with the diamond detail. The black and white jacket with the bright graphic lining is just insane. Playing with the inner layers as much as with her outerwear. I love such surprise elements. I also like the vintage look of her H&M top and how she mixed it so well with her actual vintage hat and skirt.

Now to find that movie!!! 


  1. this is an amazing look...i love her tank..!

  2. yes, that red turban is such an amazing piece!! love it!

  3. Wow, this outfit is beyond perfect. Love it

  4. The jacket looks cool. Especially the inner lining.

    - V

  5. love the jacket lining detailing.

  6. Love the turban


  7. she's perfect! love how she mixed everything so well!

  8. che bei colori e che belli accostamenti!!!


  9. love the details! and she totally rocks the turban!

  10. Hi Prutha!! Ran into your blog today and loving it!! Will come back and comment on more posts but fornow, I love the tank top in this one! Totally following you formore! :) xoxo

  11. This is fabulous :) for a minute there she reminded of the turbans here in India :-) totally awesome look :)

  12. doesnt the turban have a mughal feel to it? and i love that OTT rhinestone tank, takes a lot of chutzpah to carry off. and as always great trendpostting prutha and shraddha :)



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