Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pablo’s Pinky Toes

Jumpsuit: Sherwin Williams ; Shoes: Timberland with self painted toes; Glasses: Urban Outfitters 

On a trip to the Armory art show held in NYC once a year, S and I scoped out sooooo many many interesting people that our 6-7 hours of being on our feet that day was totally worth it!!

Pablo you can tell is an artist by just looking at him. His punk hairstyle, pink and white outfit and self-painted shoes, even gives you an insight on what kind of art he might be into. I sort of knew before I checked out his blog that his works would be really really out there. Just like his fashion. And trust me when I say that his works are wayyyyyyyyyy out there!! You can check them out at http://www.pedroproducts.com/main.html

Can you believe how cute his shoes are?  And since he painted the toes on them himself  [which FYI, in person looked wayyyy cooler] are soo much better than the Comme Des Garcons version [pics below]. Although I am still lusting over the gold ones with the red toes. Yup I do want them really bad!! [but I am soo poor!!]...lol


  1. When I saw this shoes I thought he was wearing Commes des Garcons! His DIY shoes are totally awesome.

  2. I liked this guy right away, especially his charming necklace ;-)
    cool look, and cool boots

  3. love the shoes!! it's really amazing!! i like to wear pink clothes in spring!

  4. wow I love his quirky sense of style... especially those shoes!!


  5. WOW!!!! Love those shoes....Super Original!!! and thank you for your comment.



  6. Haha those shoes! Never seen those before :D cool!

  7. You could so make those shoes! I've been wanting to paint a pair of my own shoes.. we should make a mission to do it together. :DD

    And that is one cool looking dude. :) Seriously, love!!

  8. tavi has those shooesss !! they look kinda freaky but really cooool at the same time . oh and thanks for the comment on my blog : )

  9. @ supercali: i know she does...and i adore tavi!! and they do look freaky, and thats y i think we like them :) ...i love weird stuff...hehe

  10. his shoes are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cooler!

    here's my blog in case you'd like to visit!



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