Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Party

Pants/ Bird Ring: TopShop ; Shoes: Tory Burch ; Leather Jacket: Banana Republic ; Bag + Necklace: Vintage; Head Scarf: Streets of East Village

We normally luck out big time when it comes to finding interesting people and the perfect backdrop to shoot them against. Have you noticed? Maybe its just New York that has every nook and corner with something different to offer. I think that’s it. You don’t notice it while your just walking around everyday in a haze, but when you stop to intentionally see each corner separately, you find such unique and artful spaces.

I am in crazy love [like the types that gives me obsessive dreams] with Lindsay’s Tory Burch shoes. I want them to be sitting in my closet right now!! Love the asymmetrical pleated pants, the bag, her scarf and just her fun attitude with the fake butterfly tattoo on her face. She and her friend’s were just having a fun Sunday morning girl time I guess when we spotted them chatting at a street corner in the east village. Lindsay is a semi-model and a student with of course great style!


  1. Those accessories are really something!

  2. Wow this is amazing!
    I love the photographs and background! :)
    I really like the way u have put the clothes together! :)
    So awesome!


  3. this outfit is so insane! just amazing, don't knwo what to say.

  4. OHHH where do i begin with the bag,the chain,the boots,trousers super hot !!
    is that a tatoo on her face :?

  5. Very cool outfit. Especially the pants!

  6. Amazing outfit!! Love the jewelery.




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