Sunday, May 5, 2013

Waiting For My Sinking Boat: Personal fashion

Images by Hrishikesh Vimadalal 

Leather Dress: Topshop; Shoes: Sam Edelman; Jacket: Zara; Ring: Manish Arora for Amrapali jewels.

I am utterly blown away by this series that Hrishi shot and edited. I love every photo! 

I have been trying to shoot in front of this sinking boat for over 2 years and just because it is quite a hike from Mahanttan I never made it until last weekend. It was totally worth it ofcourse. When it comes to styling I feel like there is always a tendency to do very pretty flowy dresses in abandoned locations as they form a cool contrast of pretty with the ugly or then the goth look cause it just goes with the abandoned dark theme. But I wanted to try something different and go for a slightly si-fi, indian, leather but with flowers wearing creature waiting for her sinking boat to arrive and take her to a her final destination. But don't worry, the journey to there is still light years away.


  1. Hey Prutha, I was beginning to miss your facial expressions as I scrolled through the first few images. However, your body language makes this mirror mask wearing creature unmistakably YOU - the face does not seem necessary... Bindhi on mask is a nice touch :)

    I like the grungy filter editing, but perhaps a tad less would have hit the spot for me. Concept, location and outfit are cool as ever.

  2. OMG LOVE THIS!! You always amaze me!!!

  3. These images are tremendous! How can you do like this affection? Really matches to your concept.

  4. Found your crazily creative blog through a post on Facebook today. Every style/experiment of yours had a story. Specially this one got registered in my head and will stay there for long. Keep rolling!

  5. This is really cool. And I guess this is what you called real art in photography. You really did a good job in looking for a perfect location. It is really amazing.



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