Friday, March 1, 2013

Rosetta: Street Fashion

Image by Prutha Raithatha 

The one place that you cannot ever get fed-up of in Bombay is Nariman Point. It is a long stretch of a retaining wall along the Arabian Sea that you can sit on and watch the endless ocean and beautiful sunsets. I was sitting there one evening with a friend, just catching up on our lives and this little girl came from behind and almost shoved her roses in my friend's nose. She wanted him to buy them for me, but I guess she also wanted him to smell the roses first. Although my friend didn't want the roses and neither did I, I was laughing so hard at her sudden appearance from behind us and the shoving of the roses in my friend's nose that I decided to take a picture of her on my iphone. She was happy to pose but then ultimately got shy, smiled and said thank you after she saw her pictures on my phone and ran away. I don't know why but her look reminds me of M.I.A [as a kid ofcourse]. Love the hoodie over a satin frock and her purple shorts peaking from under her dress. Too cute!

PS: I have had a blast of a time in Mumbai on my so called "vacation" which has been more packed than my usual days in NYC. And I cannot wait to share the stories with you guys, unless you've been following my updates on twitter and facebook in which case you know a bunch of it. Now in London for a week for some real downtime and relaxation. 

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