Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kaboom Genius: Personal Fashion

Images by Hrishikesh Vimadalal 

Skirt & Jumper: Topshop; Bracelets: Streets of Mumbai; Scarf: DIY fur; Shoes: Underground UK; Leggings: BCBG 

This is what happens to me most of the times, I spend so much time processing the images and editing them each weak that by the time I actually upload them into a post and start to write the post, I am exhausted and don't feel like typing anymore. But I will make an effort of mention a couple of things that are going through my mind right now real quick. 

 - I have been sincerely wondering if I should consider having a more sophisticated [in the basic bitches sense] wardrobe for work. Not entirely short dresses with pumps look [coz that's just not me and I don't want to loose my identity] but more of a maybe clean lined, black and white, Rick Owens, Givenchy look [on a budget of course]? I did like to experiment. What do you guys think? 

 - I love this outfit. I have been wearing it nonstop since I bought it 2 months ago. 

 - I had a lovely weekend. Danced for 5 hours straight like a monkey last night. I love my friends. 

- Oh and Don't Shoe Me is going to be part of a coffee table book coming out in India soon. Will keep you guys posted! TOO EXCITED!


  1. What a gorgeous riot of colors...especially love the arm-candy:)

  2. :) I can't stop smiling when I see the blue paint lining your eyes! It's just sooo cool! \m/

    Pssst... Did I see iPhone covers with the your DP at the ongoing LFW in Mumbai? Or was I wrong?

  3. I love tbis skirt its so you!! and yes i second the clean lined look xperiment as welll, i will always maintian that the night you dressed up for the club in london was very you and very chic!

  4. I love your whole outfit -- the photos look lovely too! And forget that whole "sophisticated look" to work just wear whatever you want. How many BCBG leggings do you have?



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