Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sidewalk Mannequins: Street Fashion

Images By Prutha Raithatha 

So if you checked my last post you must have read about Brandon who was visiting from Philadelphia and that made me think of these kids I had shot a really really reallyyyy long time ago in mid-town. I just forgot to post their pictures for some reason and I knew I had loved their style. So after looking through my abysmal archives I finally found their pictures. All four were visiting from Philly [I think] for the weekend, all four had very distinct styles and were completely into fashion. In pairs they looked like they belonged together, but as a group they formed an interesting mix of clashing styles [goth vs hipster]. This unconscious acceptance of each other and not carrying about how different they looked from each other was beautiful! I love when that happens.

I honestly have friends of all sorts and I love the diversity that adds to my life. The only common thread amongst all of them is that they let me be me. Yes I have gone to multiple super conservative Indian gatherings wearing moon-boots and a big bindi with a totally goth outfit in between and they don't care. The bankers, the IT professionals, the 60 plus year olds who are just my friends somehow, the predominantly gay artist community of New York [and around the world], the drag queens of Bushwick to the editors and designers in the fashion world, [just to name a few types] all of them add soo much to my life I cant even explain. Thankfully I learnt very early in my life that I loved diversity. Someday I did like to write a bit about the variety of people that have influenced my life. When I think about it, it just makes me very happy and fulfilled. 

These kids are definitely on the right track.


  1. the right track, the right stuff.

  2. Aah! Love the whole bunch of 'em!

    And I would definitely like to read a book one day on your experiences with all the diverse people...what say?

  3. I loved those cut out top and the Red Indian ring : )

  4. LOVE THIS! Seems like your style is very similar to mine!



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