Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pop Souk: Street Fashion

Pop Souk is a market that is organized by LadyFag that provides a platform for New York city's cool downtown designers and vendors like Zana Bayne, Aimee Philips, Ami Goodhart, Asher Levine and so many others. It is also just a fun shopping event to attend. It was held today at The Standard Hotel Biergarten and here is a quick glimpse into it.

Dana of Bond Hardware: Love her metal arm cuff and I have yet to spot her on a day when she doesn't look perfect! Impeccable style, seriously!

 Purevile Designer. I bought a necklace from him.
This is the necklace. I am in utter love with it! I have been looking for a cross necklace for years now and just never found anything that I fell in love with and had already stopped looking. But this one was perfect and exactly what I wanted and decided to buy it in less than 30 secs. 
Jewelry designer Chris Habana. Love his designs, previously also spotted by DSM here.

 Just one of the many exciting people at Pop Souk.

Pictures taken with my iPhone. 

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  1. love the lady in 1st pic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she gives me a new idea for a haircolor(not green though!!)



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