Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moon boots for Earth: Personal Fashion

Images by Alison Wynn 

Dress: Courtesy Let Them Stare; Jacket: Thrifted; Shoes: Underground UK; Glasses: Fendi; Necklace: OS Accessories 

Anastasia's design for this black tuxedo dress reminded me so much of Rei Kawakubo's eccentricity  that I decided to style the whole look very Comme Des Garcon-ish. Turned a tweed jacket upside down over the asymmetrical waist-lined dress. The dress is definitely going into my work staple. You should check out more of her work here.

In other weekend news, I went kayaking on the Hudson for the first time and loved it. Found a new dumpling place in china town and have a new favorite. Did laundry. Hung out with friends. And stayed in today because I was forced to by a stupid cold. But had a decent weekend despite the cold and I cannot wait for the next weekend to arrive when I get to take a mini vacation to Vermont for 4 days. Everybody rejoice!


  1. Love the 5th and 8th images... nice post Prutha. How fabulous will your printed portfolio be someday?! But editing from all your posts will be the hardest thing you'll ever do! Keep em coming :)

  2. Seems like an appropriate post dedicated to Neil Armstrong. He inspired every child's imagination to walk in those moon boots. Have a great time in Vermont.

  3. looove the photos! you look fab! love your sunglasses.. need!

  4. Have you seen the book Aghora- the left hand of God. I think some of the pictures in this post would make interesting covers for that book. :)



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