Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Interview with Nicholas Kirkwood

An interview with Nicholas Kirkwood [done for] about his Spring Summer line.

Earlier this year I attended an event hosted by Saks Fifth avenue showcasing Nickolas Kirkwood's Spring summer collection. The designer gave out personally signed postcards of his shoe sketches to the attendees and signed a few shoe soles for people who bought a pair. He is the warmest person I think I met. I asked him a couple of questions about his collection over cupcakes and champagne just for you.  

DSM: Tell us a little bit about your correct collection. 
Nicholas K: The collection embellishes the classic representations of feminity like the bow or the rose by doing a modern perspective on them. And also making sure that it’s not too girly. It’s very important for me to find that balance between not being too girly and too fierce at the same time. 

DSM: There seems to be a sudden increase in Bollywood influences in the fashion industry with the Chanel pre-fall show and Christian Loubutin’s new Bollywood line. Are you planning anything in your future collections that is India influenced? 
NK: I have started experimenting with embroidery and I get it done in India. There are so many amazing techniques out there and you can do a lot with it. 

DSM: And embroidery is cheaper in India? 
NK: Well, not where I get it done. 

DSM: Your Alice in Wonderland shoes never seizes to amaze, even now. Are you going to do more designs like them in the future? 
NK: Yes definitely. I made Alice in Wonderland shoes the first time not for any commercial reason but because I wanted to see what would come out of it and how it can me done and what the turn out is. That’s what makes my job exciting. If I was making only black pumps I wouldn’t be creatively satisfied. Fashion has got to have an element of fantasy. 

DSM: Do u think such fantasy shoes are just difficult to sell?  
NK: No. It’s just difficult to make them practical for people to use. Alice in Wonderland shoes had tiny teacups, horses and keys and watches on it, if you try to walk in them you’ll smash all these elements. It’s not like people have not tried to buy them, it’s just that it’s not practical to sell them. 

Thanks Nicholas for the beautiful sketch postcards and your brilliant shoe designs. 

All images by Prutha Raithatha and Anna Morgowicz


  1. you look fabulous and the interview is short sweet and thoroughly fun! bravo!

  2. "Ceases", rather than "seizes".

    I love his black sequined number, so pretty. And you look so happy there in all your color and peace sign.

    Is it true the shoe department at Saks has its own Zip Code?

  3. Nice one! I have to thank you for your sweet comment, huge fan of your style! I love the bindi!



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