Monday, January 10, 2011

Mostly Ghostly: Personal Fashion

Images by NURBS

Top: Rahul Mishra; Leather leggings: BCBG; Shoes; Dolce Vita; Leather Cuff: Mango; Ring: Popley [Mumbai]

You know how I love to experiment right? But sometimes these experiments backfire like a bitch slap on my butt and put me in my This shoot was one of them. Although the outcome is quite beyond my satisfaction, NURBS and I shot this on one of the coldest days of this winter and froze our asses off. We both were shaking the whole time while we were shooting these pics. After 45 mins in the cemetery and crazy wind chill with minus god-knows-how-many degrees, we both ran [imagine crippled people break dancing their way out of a burning building cause we were literally frozen and that’s how awkward our gait was] out of the cemetery and found the closest Dunkin Donuts 2 blocks away to shelter ourselves in. After we got in, we both stood at the counter for 5 mins but couldn’t order our drinks cause we couldn’t talk. Our teeth were chattering and we really did think we were going to die!!! [How ironic right? Being back from the cemetery and all…hehe]. After we were able to thaw ourselves a bit we spoke the words “Coffee” “Hot chocolate” and swore never to mess with nature again!!

Love this fantastic young Indian Designer Rahul Mishra’s work. The architectural lines and the graphic overlays of patterns through sheer material on this top are just fantastic. And these leather leggings are my everyday winter wear. Seriously. My friend's are fed up seeing them on me, but I loveeeee them!!


  1. amazing photos, style, location and shoes!
    Well done sweetheart! <3


  2. very cool. you have a bold fun style. and fem too.

  3. Oh Prutha I live rahuls work. He's so amazing with textures. Loving this shoot concept.

  4. WOW.. you are taking your photos to a new level..
    I like what I see..
    love black and white pic and you looked amazing..
    Great accessories too tho
    Lee x

  5. i love the leather leggings!!!

  6. Fab pattern mix of this scarf-inspired drapy dress. take care, FashionLifeCoach

  7. My first thought was "please tell me these were taken in early Fall." You are truly dedicated, your photos are awesome and so creative! Have a good week! : )

  8. Olá queria parabenizar você pelo blog e pedir que visita se o meu simples blog: será uma honra ter a visita tua lá. Espero que goste...
    Ass: Magno Oliveira
    Folhetim Cultural

  9. Dude..........Ok, firstly yes Love the top! Veryy pretty.. But am still wondering, how the hell did you manage going in teh cemetry!!! I shit bricks everytime I drive past one! :-D
    But definitely a very nice shoot!

  10. Wow! You are one dedicated girl to do that! That said, the shoot is beautiful and I LOVE the top!

    Which cemetary, BTW?

  11. WOW!!!!!!! What super-awesome shots!!!! You guys absolutely out-did yourselves! Each & every frame is sooooo editorial! :))

    And that Rahul Mishra top is so unique & interesting....he is one talented designer!!

    But I SO wish I could do a photoshoot with you'd be such an amazing experience! Sigh!

  12. I love india, and hindi style
    I also love old cementerys
    so I've loved this post!
    this is great!!

  13. these are such cool pics! eery but cool!

  14. I really really love these shots. That huge bindhi really added some style factor. Love it!


  15. Wow, amazing photographs. You're v.dedicated, considering the weather conditions - well done ;) x

  16. i love these photos - the indian influence is really beautiful!

  17. LOVE this look Prutha. That bindi just makes the whole outfit. Loved the top---traditional fabric in such a fresh look!!!

  18. U sure don't look like U are freezing! :) Loved the whole outfit. Cool photo shoot (pun intended) :)

  19. Such an amazing shoot! Love the whole look :)
    Following youu :)

  20. Can't figure out from your pictures that you are freezing at all. That's a lovely top and you wore it real well.

  21. I really like the ghostly images and the sharpness of the pattern on what you are wearing. Its a great contrast.

  22. Fantastic shoot. Really, some magazine should def hire you. Love the top. Can I see in colour? You look fiery and all even in that cold.


  23. love the look as always, this top is one GREAT find babes! and i must say the big bindi totally suits you, transforms and softens your face. it reminded me why Indian women traditionall wear so much bindis in the first place :)

  24. That's indeed a ghostly shoot!!! Love your top - its so Rahul Mishra, indeed!!! The ring is great too!!!
    Fashion Panache - Experimenting Leopard Prints

  25. very pretty pictures and interesting style :)

    could you follow my blog please ? x

  26. These photos are STUNNING -- I love black-and-whites!
    xo Josie

  27. I LOVE THIS SHOOT! Your outfit is incredible, I especially adore your ring!! Following you now, come follow me too :)

  28. the photograph was so PROFESSIONAL!!!

    i love you my Prutha,... ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  29. Awe inspiring your works!!


    Saga, Japan.


  30. wow GORGEOUS photos! really you look stunning! love the black & white effect. :]
    thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog - its much appreciated! <3

    we would love to follow each other.
    we are following you now.
    hope you will follow us too!!!

    hope you'll come back to visit us soon <3
    xo, camilla & valerie

  31. Wow...lovely idea of Black n added life to those snaps !!



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