Friday, January 22, 2010

Our First Target: Chanel Clad

May I just say that I want everything she’s wearing, including her wallet!

The divine Chanel purse to the beautiful Jeffery Campbell Mail-Ch shoes , to her fur neck piece worn with her boy friend jacket and pleated high waist pants, I want everything!! You cannot ignore the fab white highlights in her hair either. In totality I could not believe that this was our first encounter for this project. She was perfect. Her one look encompassed everything in this year’s must haves for the closet. I wonder what she does for a living?


  1. Love the Michael Jackson-esque shoes, but could do without the puffy pants. I think the pants overdo the look. They would be fabulous as the focus piece along with some chunky accessories in another outfit, but in this look it's just a tad too much. Either the jacket or the pants... in my eyes they don't work well together.

  2. tasha darling, i agree to the fact that i would have preferred the pants to be skinny with these shoes...but none the less, in person, it still did look crazy cool!!



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