Monday, January 25, 2010

BOW chicka WOW WOW : NYC

So of course there isn’t anything pornographic about this guys outfit, but the Bow Tie is such a cute touch it deserves its very own “bow chicka wow wow” moment. Yes little things like these do work wonders for me * wink wink *.  Spotted on a lazy day off at union square, I loved this guy’s entire outfit. Folded khakis, blue sweater with matching blue Donald J. Pliner shoes and the blue and green bowtie with a few finger rings [not seen in the pic] all toped with the golf flat cap, this guy had the perfect ease factor added to his perfect put together style. Everything worked and so well !


  1. I get the look except for the folded pant legs. To me, that takes the look from wacky to crazy.

  2. nooo.its great..its totally in right now and i love it...more emphasis on the shoes that way... ;-)

  3. I agree with Natasha, he would have looked better if the pant legs werent folded. Good for the guy if its in coz it makes his look slightly funny. I hope u dnt mind it... hehe. All said & done prutha, tnx a lot for ur efforts to bring NYC street fashion to ur frenz thru dis blog, esp to ppl like me back here in India. I love the pics u upload here... dey r v interesting. Plz keep up the gr8 work :)

  4. will do vaishali,.. thanks for following it!!




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