Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the HOOD!!

Image by Shraddha Borawake

Spotted this girl arm in arm with her boy friend at Union Square, NYC. Love her hoodie jacket. We all normally do own hoodies but seldom do we look good with the hoodies on.  This brown jacket was beautiful with the fit, the cut and I like the way she belted it for a waist. I have to give her props for walking around with her hoodie on just for style. It wasn’t cold enough for her to actually need it. And I like the little green accents too.

FYI, I normally do not like brown as a color too much [and I HATE Maroon]. I prefer grays. But this jacket I could totally see myself wearing with some super short navy and white “jail band stripe” shorts [see the picture below] and some funky wedged boots. Everything was great except now I want to know where she got her cute boyfriend from? I wantttttt…. Le sigh!!


  1. am loving the jailbird shorts, reminds me of sholay for some reason and that inane jail scene! i agree its a very chic jacket alright. tell me, all these seemingly casual but chic clothes, they dont come cheap, or even affordable, right?

  2. thats not true at all... a lot of the times when we have been shooting ppl lately, most of the things that i really really like and think r to die for and the ones i want in my closet asap, coz ive never seen anything like them b4 r either thrifted, vintage [from mom's closet] or bought on random travels at some insanely low prices... like the green neckalce i was wearing with my first outfit on this blog, i bought at a dollar store in NYC!! i paid $4 for it...can u believe it? we just have to keep our eyes and mindes open i guess.... xoxo

  3. Hey... i luv her look, her jacket more than anything else. tell me prutha, this girl is quite slim & most of d gals u've clicked r quite slim. How abt gals who r heavier & over-weight? Neither do I mean slightly over-weight nor do I mean really v fat. I mean females like me who r more over-weight & curvacious but not quite fat, definitely not the plus sizes. It'll be nice if u cud feature sum such gals :)

  4. vaishali hunny, did u see the pics i posted of myself yesterday? im a big person and dressing our sizes if defi the underlining meaning of this blog and fashion in general.... trust me when i say that i am always looking for full figured women/men on the street...just havent found anyone interesting enough or then they dont want to be clicked pictures of when approached :( .. will keep a look out for sure.... untill then maybe my PF [persnal fashion] section will provide some options?...




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