Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elevation: Personal Fashion

Image by Hrishikesh Vimadalal 

Power that you feel inside when you know you are good and you got to being there by being good to yourself and to the people around you. Your body thanks you and so does your soul. Be blessed that you've reached higher grounds by taking the untravelled path. Rebellion doesn't necessarily mean destruction. It's not been easy at all but this is what nirvana feels like when you are still alive.


  1. Love it baby!!!! You are always inspiring me :)

  2. Mahatma Gandhi once said "my life is my message". I think you can say that as well! Keep doing what you're doing. You're inspiring many along with way!

  3. you're rising and rising and rising....

  4. The picture is very nice and the thoughts are great. I like your attitude very much and wish everbody will be just a bit out of normalcy - who defines normalcy anyway?



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