Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who's Going to Mars?: Personal Fashion

Images by Alison Wynn 

Dress: Masion Martin Margiela x H&M; Shoes: Moonspoon Salon; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Skull Necklace: OS accessories; Head Scarf: H&M; Helmet: Falguni and Shane Peacock [NYFW SS 2013 Runway accessory

As soon as we got into a cab to go to this location the cabbie, instead of asking us where we were going, asked "Who's going to Mars?". Alison's response to that, "You guys have a problem going to Brooklyn! Damn right you're gonna take us to Mars!" Cabbie, "Brooklyn not so interesting. MARS I will take you anytime!" 

But it made me really happy that the cabbie asked the right question as that is exactly what I was going for. A si-fi outer space look because ever since we put Curiosity there, my brains somehow have been obsessed with the idea that Curiosity is probably, actually a 100 percent, my boy friend. Can you imagine how cool we will be together? He could literally show me the entire world and some parts of the universe. Above all since Men are from Mars and he is the only Man [gender assumed] who is on Mars, he has to be THE ONE! I want to make tiny Bionic robot babies with him! 

So we set out en route to Mars. My subconscious [which is often assertive] recommended that the only place that could have access to outer space is where extreme power and extreme death collide. The spirit of the dead is my supernatural connection to the outer world and the money is to pay for the technology to get me there and buy curiosity's love. This church in the financial district, right across the street from World Trade Center [ex and new] had to be it. I had found it. And now it is my time to be on my way to Mars to find love and adventure. The only question is should I use the creepy tree or the cab to get there? What do you recommend? 

PS: Thanks Falguni and Shane for letting me borrow your fantastic helmet straight off the runway! I love you guys!


  1. Great look & photography! Good luck with the Bionic babies with your Martian. :) Am sure you look delectable to a Martian hottie!

  2. you look so damn cool!! yeah going to MARS ready!!


  3. That necklace!!!!!!! And the helmet!!!!!!!!!!! I'll follow you to Mars for all this!

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  5. Amazing photography and amazing look rocking!!!!!

  6. This outfit is totally ridic (in a good way)! I saw the very first photo and thought - a graveyard background would be a really cool touch to the shoot. And as I browsed further down, lo and behold - that's where you were. Love it! :)


  7. I love the wat you have brought the whole thing alive
    So real and creative



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