Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DSM in POOL Design Magazine's Annual Compilation: Press

A long time ago I was interviewed by POOL design magazine for their 3rd ever issue. After a year of incredible monthly issues POOL decided to compile it's first 12 issues into a book and hence my article is in it. So even though it's nothing new, it still gives me a kick out of knowing that DSM is now part of a real BOOK!! An actual design book with other incredible people, designers and artists from all over India. I highly recommend everyone to get a copy if you would like a cool book to add to your collection on contemporary India design industry [art, fashion, photography, furniture, etc. all included]. Will try to post a few pictures of some other's works in the book later.

For now I am just back from Coachella today on a red eye from LA and am at work with no sleep. So will get back into the grove of things in a bit. Until then, yeahieeee for being a book!!

Images in the article by Shraddha Borawake and Anjali Bhargava.

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