Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Falling Details: For

As we devour the universal sales at every nook and corner of the world, I just wanted to drop in a few hints on what’s to come. I know it’s the summer and we are still enjoying it toughly here in the cooler hemisphere, but in 2 months it shall be fall again and we would have spent all our money in summer sales buying things we can’t wear in the fall. So here is a gentle reminder to shop carefully and buy things that can be used in the cooler months too.  It’s all in the details.

Love the gold tiger on the Hat and the Vintage glasses

Binetti himself with the Fab Hat

Hope of Pink Champagne

Alexander Wang Skirt paired with cool leather gloves

Love this stylist's style. The mesh shirt is intense

That Hat

Johnny Weir, an Olympic figure skater and now a musician, shows us the details on his fur collar

Can you imagine what impact that ring could have when worn anywhere? It's on top of my Lust List

Binetti Shoes 

All Images by Prutha Raithatha


  1. love all the details. I could instantly tell that was Mr Weir, even from the close cropping. I wonder why.

    And I don't know Mr Binetti, but I sure would like to. So handsome.

  2. Joe: Mr. Binetti is a designer who showed at nyfw in feb.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the third one! Where do you find your photos?♥

  4. love those shoes! the clear view.
    and the hat is priceless...


  5. I am crazy for that AW skirt! :)


  6. love the tiger on the beret and also loving the last picture :D

  7. Love the woman in the multi-colored fur hat, I think i've seen her on's Intersection Los Angeles. She has great style!

  8. the guy rocking the eyeliner is out of this world! amazing shot!
    Also, i want to thank you for your comment! i definitely agree with your comment about norway, i too hope that the victims families find peace and keep their loved one's memories alive. The worst thing about these catastrophes is that they are easily forgotten. I find that the saddest part.

  9. i love the blog check out mine

  10. Amazing take on those expensive couture line. I'm spellbound by the beauty.

    check out mines @ or

  11. Lovely photos! Can't wait for Autumn.

    Carmen Ri.

  12. Just found your blog via the sartorialist. Great pictures and commentary!

  13. cute photos :D
    in love with the last pic, the shoes look amazing!

  14. Amazing pictures!!! :)
    Like your blog:)



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