Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing the DSM logo

DSM has been around for 1.5 years almost. But my obsession for Tamara Waakop Reijers' illustrations has been around for more than 2-3 years. I had printouts of her work all over my bed room wall way before DSM was even conceived. Her work makes me HAPPY!!! 

I had gotten in touch with her when I had first randomly stumbled upon her website 2-3 years ago. Told her I wish I could draw and illustrate like her. She sent me postcards and much love then. 

Then some months ago when I thought about getting good business cards printed for DSM I wanted to develop a logo for DSM too. I am soo obsessed with Tamara’s work that I had to ask her if she would let me use one of her images as a logo. Altough I couldn’t really use the same image as it was already her logo for years, she checked out DSM and decided she liked my work enough to help me develop my own logo for DSM. You know sometimes I feel I get lucky. Just sometimes. This is one of those times. I got my favorite illustrator/ artist in the world to design my logo for me!!!! 

Here is the progression. 

Tamara's Original logo for her own website that I was obesssed with.

My sketch of ideas for DSM logo to Tamara.

Tamara's final version of the logo which was introduced first as a Happy Birthday post to Vogue.In. today.

How do you guys like it?

You can like Tamara's facebook page here and check out her website here .

DSM's on Twitter and Facebook if you'd like to keep in touch.


  1. Ohhhh Love LOVE the red coloured one!! The heart bindi soooo cute :D

  2. its so cool!!! love the 1st one and keep DSM goin!!

  3. Mmm, I like it! It's perfect!

  4. Like it???Love it!!!

  5. Great! Continuous progress reaching perfection.

    The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing
    - Steven Covey

  6. @jonathan: i love that comment!! its soo true and perfect for any design related issues

  7. Although I'm not keen on the ombre eyeglasses, I like the design. Maybe the eyeglass design could change seasonally.

  8. I just love this illustration! simply marvelous.

  9. LOVE these. they're original, simple and really match what your blog represents.

  10. Amazing work!! Somebody pleaseee... design my logo!

  11. I love it! Excellent!

    Peace & Love!
    -Native' Secret-

  12. Love this logo, very free and stylish!

  13. Wow her work's amazing!! Love your new logo :D!!



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