Monday, October 21, 2013

Style Me on the Street- Part 1

Week after week for the past 3 plus years I have styled myself for the blog and it has been awesome because I can see the progress made in my own style. But just to switch things up a little my favorite collaborator artist Shraddha and I decided to do a street styling project. The idea was to have random people on the street style my outfit. I had a bunch of arbitrary items from my closet in a big bag and we stopped complete strangers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to style me how ever they liked. That was just one aspect of the idea. As the styling was happening Shraddha also added some other strangers to participate in each shot. There are random people doing different things in each shot, all of whom where asked to participate in the shot on the spot and were given directions on how to pose. So every frame is composed by Shraddha with random people and all my outfits/ makeup are put together by complete strangers. 

Since there were a bunch of people we stopped I am going to post each group of people as a separate story.


Our first encounter was with "The Queen of Williamsburg" Leonora Russo. She is an 87 year old extremely stylish lady who caught our eye and we asked her if she would participate and she totally obliged. I just looked her up and she actually has a documentary made on her called "The Queen of Williamsburg". This is the outfit she came up with. Guy on the right under the book was a tourist and the guy from the window of the cafe was just having coffee there. 


My second stylist was this incredibly creative girl with her sick outfit and hair, selling some stuff on the street alongside her friend [lady on the left of picture one sitting on a chair] who was selling her jewelry. She styled me with that first outfit and didn't like it that much and then she tried on the second outfit which was to her satisfaction. I love it. BTW, please to be noticing the older couple in the background shooting each other. Again passerby tourists who indulged us in creating an interesting scene.


My next stylist was this super flamboyant dude who I am sure is a stylist by profession or is atleast related to the fashion industry. His personal style was so cool and he went through my entire basket to find the perfect things to make a chic outfit. He made me pair my black skirt with a sequin Comme Des Garcons top and my fur around me neck. The girl holding the coffee cup was his friend. The other three girls were shopping in the store next door before Shraddha caught hold of them.


So as you can see that my outfit here is the same as the series above. It was because we couldn't find anyone to style me. Every one had somewhere super important to be. So we just found the people who wanted to participate in the picture. We found this cool couple who were coming back from their workout and this gorgeous photographer guy who was wandering about and our friend Ji who lives in the neighborhood.

The rest of the stories and encounters will be posted in the Part 2 / 3 of this series. Cannot tell you how cool they are! But until than just know this was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Blogging alone isn't enough. Fashion alone has never been enough on this blog. Creating experiences is so much more important. I love that I have awesome friends and artists around me who are always ready to collaborate and make things happen just for the sake of art and being creative. 

All images by Shraddha Borawake. She is the best!!!!! 


  1. What an awesome concept! As you said, creating experiences is so important and what a great collection of experiences you have presented here...loved how you roped in people to both style and become part of your stories. Looking forward to your next instalments!

  2. Superb photos and so great framing of moods!

  3. Wow! I agree when you say "But until than just know this was one of the coolest experiences of my life." It definitely is! Am very curious to know how you got about this thought process...
    Actually, I am very curious to know, how you put together all your shots! :D



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