Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Too Tall to Ride: Personal Fashion

[first image edited by me for fun]

Pants + Top: Comme Des Garcons, Shoes: Underground UK 

When you go to an amusement park there are limits to who can ride the rides, like here at coney island, where there was a sign that said "too tall to ride"? I wish there were signs like that for this roller-coaster of a life too. Too tall to ride or too fat to fit or too broke to bribe, etc. Wouldn't it just make it easier? Some people [and all the cheeky hollywood movies] say there are always signs, you just have to look carefully. But in this fast track life of top speed and smog, there is only so far the eye can see. What about the signs for the times beyond that?

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  1. Love the blue sequins juxtaposed with the bold colors and backdrops:)



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