Monday, July 30, 2012

Jesus Christ: Personal Fashion

Images by Ben Taylor 

Shoes: Underground UK; Skirt: From India; Tee: Vintage 

I am declaring my tee vintage cause I bought it almost 12 years ago in India. I love how there are things in my closet I still wear after so many years. My aim is to build a wardrobe full of only pieces like that. 

Also every time I wear this tee, I always have some overly religious person on the street/ bus/ subway start talking to me about Jesus and how they love him and that this is the best tee ever. Biggest mistake was to wear it on a bus ride in PA going from Pittsburgh to some small town outside of Pittsburgh and everybody on the bus was smiling at me, talking to be about how great Jesus is. This was the first time I think a brown person got so much respect from every single person in small town PA [lol...I kid! It's a joke!]. I felt really guilty about having worn it when I was not a Christian nor religious cause they were all looking at me with pride and admiration for being a young person so pious to actually wear Jesus in declaration of my love for the church. So I just indulged them by nodding a lot and occasionally saying "Amen!" in approval of whatever they were saying to me. I am not really proud of myself for doing that but what choice did I have? I couldn't tell them I was an Atheist born to a Hindu family who just thought the tee was cool. Even though I was definitely not trying to be ironic when I bought this tee a million years ago [cause I didn't even know what that meant back then] I somehow thought it was cool. I still do. I just make sure I wear it in NYC cause I am likely to be less mistaken to be pious here than other places. Now if only I can get back to the size I was 12 years ago and fit a little better in this tee, life would be perfect. 

I will help anyone fashionably if they help me get into a tinny whiny bit of shape! [I say that while sipping on a beer at 1.45 am on a monday this is why i think my life is so good! Cause I can do this guilt free :)]


  1. oh the clash of cultures, of patterns, of ideas--who knew style could be so varied? (Well, you and your readers do, of course.) I love the story about visiting PA with this shirt. And the shirt. I have a Jesus Sacred Heart shirt from about 7 or 8 years ago, from Dolce and Gabanna, that I wear during the Christmas season, "Jesus is the reason.", I say.

  2. lol that's a funny story. I can actually picture it happening. I love that skirt a lot. Need to remember to pick up such pieces when I am back home :)

    ∞ © ∞

  3. That's hilarious. Amen! And I love that park, I used to sit at its benches all the time.

  4. it's different...

  5. I've always admired your care free and unique style.
    Yep I can imagine how people might have approached you and spoken to you with that tee!

    But for reasons like these I never usually wear any type of religious things.. Even though I'm a Catholic.
    It's too much of a conversation starter I guess.



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