Monday, December 19, 2011

I Don't: Personal Fashion

Outfit: Thrifted; Shoes: Moonspoon Salon; Nose Ring: Ms. Fitz; Jewelry: Assorted

I do believe in magic. I know it will happen. I just hope that I never stoop to the levels of those fake relationships around me that try to justify their settling for someone less than perfect out of the fear of being alone for the rest of their lives. It’s pitiful. But then again, maybe they have done nothing in their lives to be proud of. They settled for a mediocre job, a mediocre marriage and hence a mediocre life. And they are happy with their overall mediocrity. Hey to each their own I say. Whatever floats their boat. But incase you're wondering, pushing yourself to the limits, believing in yourself and actually trying to be all you ever wanted to be feels pretty darn good. Good enough to know that you can’t expect any less from your relationship either. Because just like your life, it has to be the best it can be or else it wouldn’t be worth it at all.

I had to write that down, so I don’t forget. Hence the tattoos on both my arms, one saying, “I do” and the other, “I don’t”. Have to remember that both these are equally powerful statements. They both can make and break the person I choose to be.

PS: This is a fake wedding. I didn’t really get hitched people. It’s only a photo shoot.

PPS: Have to thank Ramsey for posing with me as a groom in this blistering cold!! Trust me when I say it was the hardest shoot I’ve ever done because of the cold and he was such a sport!!

PPPS: Everything above is my personal “current” opinion and in no ways supposed to be a prophecy of any kind. I say what I think is right for me for the moment. May not be right for you and you should consult with your doctor/shrink before using ;-)


  1. LOL. And I almost congratulated you. But hey, nice photo shoot. The tats are awesome! I admire your courage to express yourself.

  2. Wow Prutha, amazing shots, amazing styling and equally amazing rather perfect philosophy :)

  3. Amazing, amazing words...and such powerful images!

  4. Some of the most beautiful shots I've seen out here! Love how you've fused the costumes & makeup of both an Hindu & Christian wedding in that look.......impressive!

  5. Fabulous! So glad you like the Nose Chain, it looks ace on you!

  6. I love your nosering! It really suit you!

  7. these pictures are so attractive! :)

  8. love the photoshoot..u totally rock gal..and yeah ..i do agree with you......but i also think sometimes god gives us a much better decision than all our choices and after some time we realise that how truly we have been blessed!!

  9. Very well said.I can relate 110% to everything you said. I'm going to quote you. And I'm gonna put this up where I can see it, just to keep reminding myself :)
    And the idea of the photoshoot is ah-mazing! <3



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