Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pants Don’t Stay Up... That's what he said!!

Shoes: Hugo Boss Orange , Vintage; Jeans: Orisue ; Jacket: Diesel; Shirt: Imaginary Foundation ; Glasses: Versace 

Ok, so ofcourse by now you already know that I gravitate towards bad boys ;-).  And just cause I like to think of myself as the arty farty types, I am totally into the art of tattoos. Loved Brian’s ink and his entire look. The “Working together Works” shirt was the perfect bad boy but good boy touch. And the hugo boss vintage boots take it all.

After us grilling him for like 15 mins on each and every item of clothing he was wearing cause I was loving all of it, when we came to his jeans he said,” They are Orisue. And they never stay up!!” …lol… yeah right Brian…of course you had nothing to do with that ;-) …

Brian is a music engineer and producer and I am totally trippin on his style!! Belated Happy Birthday Brian!!


  1. Hahaha, love the first picture!!! That girl was so funny! Gotta love the streets of NY. This guy was so cool, and so sorted for how young he was! - Shraddha

  2. HAHA, oh the pants!
    Friggin' loves the blog by the way, your photos are amazzzing!

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