Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quickie: Personal Fashion

Images by Hrishikesh Vimadalal 

Dress: Creo Mumbai; Shoes: Buffalo x Moonspoon Salon; Clutch: NO.6 

Sometimes forcing yourself to make a conscious effort to pick a different route in life than what would be an engraved psychological path set by your subconscious based on your history can be really difficult and scary. I am trying to experiment with a bunch of such "breaking of rules" or "conscious deviations from my default behavior" in my personal, professional and social life right now. I am unsure if I even need to try to break the mold as I don't see it as that dysfunctional and hence I am trying it in small doses just to see how it all works out. If I find myself doing more damage to self than before, I may come to the conclusion that I was doing it right the first time around. But I do want to make sure that I have tried a bunch of other different ways just for the heck of it. I am going to call these short experiments "Quickies". Yup psychology is slutty.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Beauty and the Beast: Personal Fashion

Images by Hrishikesh Vimadalal 

Dress: Payal Khandwala; Shoes: Ashish for Topshop 

There is an artist who used to live in my room a long time ago before I moved into my apartment. He is apparently very famous for his work now. Back when he was living in my room, there were times when he could not make rent and such times he would pay his rent in kind by giving my roomate some of his art work which she ofcourse accepted. The long poster you see behind me in the 3rd and 5th picture are one of his works paid instead of rent. This one called "I will not make anymore depressing art. I will not make anymore depressing art. I will not make anymore depressing art. I will not make anymore depressing art.....". I think he was going through an unbearable dark phase and thought if he could just etch the sentence in his brain he would probably remember to implement it the next time he painted. My roommate has a painting of flowers from the next time he was unable to pay rent. It was his way of being positive. Except that the painting was of dead daffodils.


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