Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bright Idea

Jacket: Club Monaco; Watch: Michael Kors ; Top: Thrifted shirt converted into a top.

Ideas are such precious things that we sometimes don’t realize that we have to cherish all the tiny ones we have. I for one have to sketch it out or write it down as soon as I have one just cause I know that space is very limited in my tiny brains. So before I forget them I have to offload them onto some physical reference-able format. Stephanie’s converted shirt is one such awesome idea. She actually took a button down boy shirt and converted it into an asymmetrical one-shoulder top for herself. Isn’t that just insanely cool!! I want this top really bad!!  Anyone with any sewing skills that can make one for me?

Apart from her cool DIY top, Stephanie also has impeccable styling skills. I love her necklace with the spoon, fork and knife pendant. Her jeans and boyfriend jacket accented with the gold Michael Kors watch totally complete the look. Stephanie works at John Varvatos .


  1. Is that outside Burton shop in Soho? She is HOT btw :)

  2. hehe...finaLLY...
    yes it is burton in soho..and yes she is..

    btw this shot was taken with that backdrop on purpose...we always ask ppl to stand against interesting backdrops around where we find them ...we r getting pretty good at it now..u'll see in the future pics too...

    isnt the poster behind cool!!

    and thanku MJ!!

  3. Holy crap this woman knows how to dress. She's beautiful.

    How would you even make such a shirt? I want one!

  4. lol.. that was the first thing I noticed before the chic.. now you know what a fashion ignorant I am ;) .. enjoying your blog though... :)

  5. This woman has style...there is art in details

  6. gorgeous! she reminds me of maggie gylenhall! :D



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